Émilie Hermet, an economics expert from North Aveyron who is setting her course in the European Parliament

Originally from Coubisou, the 30-year-old is seconded by the Banque de France in Brussels to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

As part of the “Back to school-Back to school” program, the European Commission encourages its staff to return to their home school to talk about Europe with their students. It is in this capacity that the Foch de Rodez Institute welcomed Emilie Hermet, who (brilliantly) obtained her baccalaureate at this establishment in 2009. Currently a national expert at the Banque de France, attached to the secretariat of the economic and monetary affairs. from the European Parliament in Brussels, the young woman, who blew out thirty candles last year, met high school students from Terminale who are taking classes in history, law, economics and social sciences. The exchange focused, in particular, on the international situation and the impact of current geostrategic issues for the Old Continent.

Also a member of the association “De l’Aveyron … aux grandes écoles”, which was born in Toulouse, of Coubisou’s father and Gers’ mother, he grew up in Figeac, in the Lot, before continuing as a teenager. his parents in Aveyron. After university studies at Louis Denayrouze in Espalion, then at the Foch de Rodez high school, where he obtained his baccalaureate in ES, he joined Sciences Po in Paris, being, that year, the only Aveyronnaise to obtain the prize sesame. She did not forget:I didn’t have any specific goals, but with my literary profile, I was eager to do law and economics. The attraction was working in the public sector“.

After finding a home in La cité des fleurs (17th arrondissement), then in L’Oustal, in the heart of the Bercy district (12th arrondissement), he then crossed the Canal for the third year at the London School of Economics and Economics. .political science. “These past months in London have developed my taste for economics“, he said, recalling his stay between Parliament at the Palace of Westminster and the City Council. complete his two years of master’s degree in Public Affairs.

saying “hard work“get involved”for the future“she confesses”having made many sacrifices in Paris“But he still found the time and energy to get involved in various associations, on issues that were very close to him:”fight against self-censorship“,”education, an opportunity for allReturning from a six-month internship at the General Inspectorate of Finance in Bercy and a personal adventure (volunteer teacher) in Cambodia, he joined the Banque de France in Paris, having passed the l ‘executive assistant.

Passion for drawing

Since his first steps, in February 2015, he has worked in three different professions: two years carrying out inspection missions of credit institutions (banking supervision), two more years carrying out internal audits in the offices, three years finally to do coordinating and publishing studies. , in particular for the Governing Board. Before “It simply came to our notice then“since June 2021”.It was a good time to live an experience elsewhere, says Emilie Hermet with a big smile. It is a great combination between my desire to move and the pleasure of being selected by the Bank of France for this three-year term.As a national expert, she is therefore attached to the Secretariat of the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in Brussels.

Despite this move to the Belgian capital, he did not cut the cord with Aveyron in general and Coubisou in particular, his paternal grandmother’s land. “I have my whole family and this is where I recharge my batteries, she explains. During the first confinement I stayed there, telecommuting. I also enjoy discovering the wonderful heritage of the entire departmentNot forgetting to put Estaing wine, charcuterie, aligot or even stuffing in your suitcases, on each of your trips.

He also loves to draw, with talent for it. Passionate about sports, she practiced athletics, especially middle distance, is a brown karate belt and will soon organize a women’s soccer match in Parliament. Proficient in several languages ​​(English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and … Occitan), Emilie Hermet also taught economics at Sciences Po in Paris. When you love, don’t count on the strings of your art!

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