Carlos Alcaraz fights a big battle with his parents … to buy a good car

Invited to the Spanish channel Antena 3, the young Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz has recounted his intense last months, on and off the tracks, especially evoking his parents’ very strict control over their finances.

On Tuesday evening, after his victory over the Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Madrid, the young Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz was the guest of the program El Hormiguero d’Antena, of the Spanish channel Antena 3. The ninth in The ATP ranking (at just 18) he said he was far from being able to enjoy his recent glory.

“I put a towel on the floor and I can fall asleep”

“I don’t consider myself famous,” he began, adding that “my friends, when people recognize me on the street, sometimes make fun of me,” although he specified that sometimes they used to flirt. The young man also said he had an extraordinary ability to sleep: “I put a towel on the floor and I can fall asleep.”

Carlos Alcaraz, who no longer wants journalists to call him Carlos because “he seems to have done something stupid”, also explains his injury before the final of the Barcelona Open on Sunday.

“I got up with my left foot. I fell down the stairs and injured my sole. It was a mistake. In the end, I went into the field and, with the adrenaline of the match, I left. I’m passed “. After his victory and the traditional swim in the pool of the Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona, ​​Carlitos, as he should be called, “went out for a while with some friends”.

“I fight to be allowed to buy a good car”

If he has refrained from partying too much, it is not only because of his career as a professional player but also because his parents are watching. “They are the ones who give me the money and control everything,” explains Carlos Alcaraz. Although I have an exception: “Because I really like golf, buying clubs and everything related to this sport, I don’t ask them for permission, but I fight for them to let me buy a good car.” The goal of the Palmar player in 2022 was to get a driver’s license, “which he obtained two months ago” but for which his parents did not spend a penny.

For financial reasons, he has to ask his father for permission. But when it comes to leaving, it’s her mother who takes care of it. “I don’t have an hour to go home, but they always tell me not to be late, but there are problems,” he says, adding that “he tried not to make any noise when you came back, they always update me.” it did not prevent him, he said, from “drinking a few times,” and being “a little drunk,” specifying that his favorite drink was “gin and lemon.”

“I always try to shower in the same shower”

“I haven’t lost anything to be a tennis player,” said the young man, who will turn 19 on Thursday. at Palmar, I’m just a normal, ordinary guy. ”Still, a normal guy compared to Rafael Nadal. because you are doing things right. Instead, he puts a lot of pressure on you, but I try to evacuate him as much as possible. “

Superstitious like Rafael Nadal, he also explains that he also has quite repetitive habits: “For example, when I come to a tournament, I always try to repeat the things that went well for me. I always try to shower in the same shower. bag in the same locker room “. Also, before serving each point, he says you need to pick up “four balls because that’s part of the focus and I always try to pick the newest ones.”

“I used to get angry, I didn’t control my emotions well”

Repetitive gestures that Carlos Alcaraz inflicts on the plate, making a typical meal before each game: “The day before I eat rice and fish and before a game, an hour and a half, I eat a pastry cocoa. with dates and olive oil for energy “.

On the eve of his 19th birthday, he admitted that until recently he was a “pretty stubborn” person. “When I was 15 it was quite complicated and super messy, and I’m still a little tired. Before I was angry, I couldn’t control my emotions well,” he said of the progress he has made since Juan Carlos Ferrero. , who was also present on the set of Antena 3, became his coach at the age of 15.

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