with this trick, the price of VPN becomes delusional

Since 2017, VPN software has been more popular than antivirus among the French public. They respond to a need for confidentiality that is almost no longer found on the Internet.

That is why millions of French people use this software to avoid being tracked online. It also helps prevent censorship and access to hidden (and legal) content. Among the reference players is NordVPN. She is probably the most notorious.

To start the month of May, it shows a shock price on its subscription: this drops to 2.89 euros (instead of 10.59 euros) if you opt for the 2-year formula. Please note: in addition to your VPN, it also includes free features that are equivalent to an antivirus. In short, for a quarter of the price, you are entitled to double protection.

To discover this offer, here it is:

I take advantage of the offer

In just a few short years, NordVPN has established itself as a cybersecurity specialist. Its VPN is one of the most reliable and allows you to connect in thousands of geolocations (> 5,400). In recent weeks, it has gone further by integrating protection features (such as antivirus) into its offering. If the latter could charge quickly, they are now included in their classic VPN formula.

In the end, with the special offer of May 1, you have two advantages: 1) the price drops by 60% for VPN subscription and 2) an antivirus is included in this offer. Please note that NordVPN VPN allows you to test the product for the first 30 days with a “satisfied or refunded” promise.

Why use a VPN every day?

You’re wrong to believe that VPN software is reserved for most geeks. They are used by millions of people around the world, including most computer novices. This software meets a need for confidentiality on the Internet. If the CNIL tries to fight for more protection, it can be seen that the ads are always more targeted and intrusive.

With a VPN like NordVPN, you buy peace of mind. Just clicking the activation button will make you anonymous. What do you mean ? This software will change your IP address so you can no longer track it. Therefore, you will be incognito on the net. NordVPN is available on both desktop and mobile (or even Smart TV), so you can protect yourself from anywhere. By default, 6 parallel connections are accepted.

In addition, the operation of the VPN itself allows you to access a hidden part of the Internet. As it turns out, there are many sites that have geoblocks, which NordVPN can avoid. This publishing house has more than 5,400 servers in more than sixty countries. In the interface, for example, you can choose an IP address in the United States, for example.

Take advantage of NordVPN’s offer

What’s the point of having an IP in the United States? There are geo-blocking, especially on streaming platforms. With an American IP address, for example, you will have access to the American Netflix catalog, which is strictly different from the catalog available in France. This allows you to have an extra amount of series and movies, without paying more. Of course, French translations are still available.

Changing your IP address is also handy if you are a Frenchman who regularly travels abroad. On your computer or mobile, for example, you cannot access MyTF1 or M6 outside of France. With a VPN like NordVPN, this allows you to virtually move to France to unlock these programs.

NordVPN, privacy reference

To attract millions of people around the world, NordVPN has designed an ultra-intuitive interface. By default, there is only one button to activate anonymity and browse silently without being tracked. Otherwise, you can also choose an IP address in a country that interests you. Everything is done to make it simple and safe, and above all accessible to everyone.

Where NordVPN is very strong is that it is no longer limited to a single VPN. The company, which earned “unicorn” status a few weeks ago after raising $ 100 million, is now shifting its focus to cybersecurity. By opting for your current formula, you will receive this anti-threat protection for free.

In detail, it will alert you when you try to access an unsafe and dangerous website. It will also scan each of the files you download: if it detects a virus, it will block the download and alert you. In addition, this NordVPN protection allows you to further strengthen your anonymity and block all annoying ads.

In short, this special offer from NordVPN for its VPN and antivirus functionality is exceptional. We clearly recommend that you follow our advice to take advantage of this unprecedented flash sale of the two security software from the European publisher. By opting for the latter, you will finally have peace of mind on the Internet. We invite you to try this service to form your own opinion. But clearly, at 2.89 euros a month, it’s a golden opportunity.

To discover NordVPN, here it is:

Take advantage of NordVPN’s offer

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