Knowing how to protect yourself on the Internet: good practices

The internet is now such a big part of our daily lives that surfing the net has almost become second nature. Whether it’s with the smartphone or the mouse, navigation is done by itself, as our mind has understood all the codes of the digital world and the tools that allow us to navigate it.

However, if the Internet is the center of our lives today, we all tend to neglect our online security. An essential thing that unfortunately we often neglect, as evidenced by the massive attack on Facebook accounts in 2018. Fortunately, with these little tips, you will improve the security of your browsing without having to do hundreds of manipulations.

Surveillance as the first barrier

If some instruments and protocols exist, nothing will be as reliable as your sense of observation. Of course, avoid clicking on links submitted by strangers or sites you don’t know.

Along the same lines, avoid logging in with Facebook or other accounts that are a perfect entry point for your privacy and online activity. In fact, the more “accounts” you have on different sites connected to your Facebook profile, the greater the risk of being able to locate and enter all of these sites with your IDs.

When asked about any permission from a program or site, be sure to read the application carefully and verify the sender’s origin. Sites that ask you to download a program are generally known or unreliable. Choose acquaintances. And keep that habit in mind when you surf the Internet.

Landmarks, security guarantee

If there’s one area where you have to rely on big brands and market leaders, it’s the Internet. With a success often decided by the users themselves, these serious sites will guarantee you the peace of mind you need.

For e-commerce, all major sites have a customer refund and payment security policy. The same goes for the video game market. Buying your game on a platform like Steam guarantees you a valid and compatible key.

If you are a fan of casino games, Vegas Slots Online offers, for example, the iconic games of online casinos with real money. The platform not only lists the different sites, but also checks the security and fairness of each of them while ensuring the comfort of the players by testing the support services of each site.

Professionalism is key to gaining the trust of internet users, and the great leaders in the field have understood this well.

With such notoriety, it will not be difficult for you to look at the opinions left by other people.

Security assistance programs, a real plus

If, despite all these tips, you prefer to be safe, you can always download an ad blocker and a VPN. If the two do not do the same, they are very complementary. The blocker not only freezes ads, but also cookies and tracking, which allows advertisers to target ads that are more relevant to your tastes. Perfectly legal, they are installed as browser extensions.

VPN is a real program that outsources your IP address. In short, thanks to this, you can move your computer to Shanghai or Manhattan, as you wish. In addition to serving as a firewall against any intrusion, the hacker is redirected to the server and not directly to your computer, the VPN also offers a number of services such as the ability to consult the foreign catalog of streaming platforms for example . A real indispensable tool for many, the VPN is a wall against digital invasions.

Of course, when downloading your VPN or blocker, don’t forget the first two tips. Keeping an eye on the source of the site where you download the blocker or VPN is essential. Following the second tip, you will know that you need to choose the leaders who have the best reviews on the Internet.

With a free spirit, you can finally surf the Internet in complete relaxation.

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