For Paris 2024, the British on the grounds of Paris Saint-Germain

BUSINESS SPORTS OBSERVATORYPSG’s sacred land with the Camp des Loges, the city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye becomes the host country of the GB team with the signing of a historic agreement as the 2024 Olympic Games approach .

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We knew the city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye as the cradle of the Paris SG football club, but it was a completely different influence that we discovered on Thursday 28 April. That of an Olympic city open to the world and ready to face all the sporting, economic and social challenges. This is the message that the mayor immediately addressed to journalists who had come in large numbers to this historic moment with the signing of an agreement between the British team and the city, called Terre de Jeux, which later it became the Center of Olympic Preparation.

This welcome is first and foremost an enhancement of the territory and its facilities but also and above all a message sent to the inhabitants: “Sport must be an art of living fully integrated into habits. This signature is important not for the notoriety but for the values ​​that we carry and that we want to transmit in a city where education is at the center of concerns with the stated desire that every student has access to a sport that allows him. to combine pleasure, well-being and self-transcendence“.

Witness and legacy

These words resonate a few months before the opening of the JOP and the Olympic runner-up (Barcelona 1992) confirms Jean-Philippe Gatien, representative of the OCOG, who knows how sport can change trajectories and destinies: “What will happen here and come to life over the next few months makes sense and will impact the daily lives of thousands of young people who will be able to identify with athletes and realize that their dreams can be achieved. Sport in school and the well-being of the younger generations are clearly a heritage that we must ensure and claim. To have the UK team is to allow locals to experience the JOP in a different way by writing beautiful memories. I, who was an athlete, know how the Olympics can unite and bring an entire people together“.

Brigitte Henriques and the GB team MediaSpoliS, Timothée Trillat

The true home of the GB team in 2024, it is in a privileged living environment with sports equipment and quality reception services that the city will host the training of British athletes from almost all disciplines in which they hope to qualify. . Athletes in field hockey, football, athletics, seven-a-side rugby and weightlifting will be training in the upcoming Games. Each facility visited and presented to the press for the occasion will allow them to prepare in optimal conditions with the Georges-Lefèvre stadium: a 12-hectare sports complex, located in the heart of the Saint-Germain forest, in front of the Camp des Lodges, this sports complex will be the training ground for the British Olympics and will benefit from some improvements: 1.4 million euros for the athletics stadium. There will also be a swimming pool The dome “which will host the synchronized swimming team, the city’s gyms for different practices” interior Finally, Poissy / Saint-Germain-en-Laye Hospital will host athletes and staff for the needs of sports medicine and medical imaging.

Performance and membership

It is a choice that Sir Hugh Robertson, chairman of the British Olympic Committee, is delighted to say, explaining that “ The GB team needs an excellent training ground to achieve its high sporting goals. Saint-Germain-en-Laye offered us high quality facilities and we felt that we were in a truly international city where our intense sports stays will be very pleasant to live and share. “And precisely the CNOSF represented by its president, Brigitte Henriques, aims to make these Olympic and Paralympic Games, the planetary event of sharing and transmission:”It is a city where sport has its place and with the infrastructures visited we realize that everyone will be able to benefit from the dynamics and that’s it, here we are. Local authorities are beginning to take over the JOPs and involve the entire population. It is this beautiful heritage that we want to continue to promote in order to work more deeply on sport for all, the sport of health and what we will leave to the younger generations. The Olympics are a unique platform that brings together and involves all generations to eradicate inequalities and give a new life that leaves no one by the wayside. We mobilize to face all the challenges by winning medals yes, but above all being part of a culture of heritage and transmission“.

Île-de-France, a region between history and memory

This planetary route is mainly Ile-de-France for those who will conclude our exchanges, insists Evelyne Ciriegi, president of the Ile-de-France Regional Olympic Sports Committee, also president of the Regional Sports Conference: “The sports movement is rich in passionate women and men who transmit essential values ​​such as respect, friendship, excellence and a sense of commitment, as President Henriques often reminds us. Our leagues and regional committees welcome professionals all year round and work to make Paris 2024 a global showcase of the regional wealth of the Ile-de-France region. Seeing the tremendous work done by the Saint-Germain-en-Laye teams confirms that the Île-de-France region will clearly be there for the JOP with sport for all, at all ages of life and full memories. who will participate near or far in the most watched sporting event on the planet“.

And speaking of memories, to close the day, Mayor Arnaud Péricard will say all his pride and excitement barely veiled for being at the Olympic time: “1924/2024 will mark the 100th anniversary of my grandfather’s victory in silver tennis“A sports grandfather who from above can be proud to see the values ​​of Olympism pass over time and the performances become timeless memories that unite all generations. And for a long time to come.

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