Discover local creations and products that Abbeville high school students sell online

High school students with their teacher and partners such as Bâches 80 and the Airaines College. (© The Journal of Abbeville)

His small business is unaware of the crisis. He Online store BD Shop created by 1st year high school students professional trades and sales of the Boucher Institute of Perthes in Abbeville (Somme) has been a great success.

Fashion accessories and jewelry, floral decoration, succulents, shopping bags made from recycled canvas scraps, regional products... Abbevillois high school students supervised by their teacher Audrey Cornu offer a variety of products in this educational store. Divided into several groups, high school students manage all stages, from contact with suppliers to production, through online.

“We started with little gems”

“The health crisis with confinement was a big accelerator for our online store we created in November 2021. Because of the name and logo of the site, we offered several options before voting on the one we prefer. The logo was designed with our art teacher applied. We started with small jewels before expanding the range to other products “, the students explain.

High school students specify: “With Covid, we had a lot of requests with people who preferred to shop online because it was easier from home. We offer free pick-up, free home delivery from € 60 and secure payment. »

E-commerce experts, with whom they have joined other students from the school complex, such as their classmates from the Bac pro trades in fashion and clothing, the students with high intellectual potential (HPI) as well as SEGPA students from Airaines College.

Another group works with a local soap producer located in Salouël, near Amiens.

“We offer Soaps Vive la Picardie with the image of the region. This corporate relationship work allows us to offer nougat, honey or even vanilla-caramel soaps. We can’t reveal our margin to you, but we have managed to negotiate an affordable price for the client “, says a student.

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Succulent cuttings with HPI students

A shop where students with High Intellectual Potential (HPI) also participate, such as Thaïs and Kyliane, explaining: “It is part of the Baobab workshop to sell succulents and cacti that we reproduce thanks to cuttings. We also perform in vitro cloning with orchids. »

The succulents are sold for € 2 and € 5 in the online store.

High school students who also work closely with SEGPA class students at Gabrielles-Marie Scellier College in Airaines, as SEGPA Director Benoît Boily welcomes: “Our two workshops Habitat and ERE (Rural Space “This is the first and our desire to continue this partnership. We had already made items for the Christmas market.”

The final phase is provided by another group in charge of putting the products of their colleagues online. As Kelly explains : “Through the back-office of the site, each product is listed by categories with a name, a photo, the quantity available, a description and its characteristics. We can also point to a brand like Airaines College. »

And to promote the site and the products, the students in charge of communication send posters through the ENT (Digital Work Environment) to inform students, parents and teachers of the school complex of the products available in the Online Store.

A well-established system at all levels that offers more and more original articles at low prices. An educational store that will undoubtedly allow these students to successfully enter working life.

Bags and shopping bags made from canvas scraps

Among the products offered, pretty colorful shopping bags made by high school students fashion and clothing professionals. “We contacted the manager of the Bâches 80 company, Nicolas Danzel, who agreed to provide us with canvas remains. With these clippings, we made shopping bags and shopping bags after finding pattern ideas on the internet. So far, we’ve made a dozen bags for the spring-summer collection! »

For Nicolas Danzel, this collaboration is a good thing: “it saves us from throwing away scraps that we could no longer use. I’m glad to see that these falls have a second life. »

Beautiful and colorful bags at 10 and 14 € in the BD Shop online store.

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