New BMW i7 and 7 Series (2022): prices, information and photos

The 7 Series range is fully electrified, on several levels, including one that completely dispenses with a heat engine called the BMW i7.

New BMW i7 and 7 Series (2022) – To the different Mercedes S-Class (thermal and hybrid) and EQS (100% electric) under the body, BMW responds with one and only multi-energy limousine.

Adopt a technical base capable of accommodating both internal combustion media and electric motors the choice of financial sobriety for an automaker, in terms of development. If Mercedes and BMW use this ploy primarily for their entry-level products (Mercedes GLA / EQA – BMW X3 / iX3), Audi benefits from the economies of scale achieved by the eight Volkswagen Group brands to systematically provide dedicated bases. A philosophy that Etoile begins to apply to the middle and upper part of the range with EQE and EQS that have nothing in common with Classes E and S, at the technical level, but that still struggling to fit into BMW policy To the extent only your iX SUV is allowed a platform exclusively dedicated to electricityif we take into account that the city car i3 will soon stop production.

Electric, microhybrid and plug-in hybrid

And no wonder the recent Bavarian-flagged company did not offer its services to the new 7 Series electric, called the i7. Again, the Propeller brand is committed to technological versatility offer, at the same time, thermal and hybrid variants. Little is known about the latter, which will not land until 2023, except that its rechargeable technology will offer just over 80 km of electrical conduction. Unfortunately, this is a notch below the capabilities of the Mercedes S-Class PHEV range, which is systematically capable of covering more than 100 km WLTP.

The 7 Series hybrids differ from the i7 with a different shield.

BMW is more prolific when it comes to hybridized 48V petrol and diesel units. When the first (760i xDrive) enjoy a 544 hp V8the second (740d xDrive) let him talk 300 hp through a 6-cylinder in-line. In all-electric mode, the i7 will first claim a xDrive60 developing 400 kW (544 hp) by means of two electric motors driven for 101.7 kWh battery with the aim of a maximum autonomy of 625 km WLTPwaiting to be seconded by a sportier variant (i7 M70 xDrive) with a maximum of 485 kW (660 hp). In this case, BMW generally sets the time compared to the EQS range of Mercedes that offers up to 761 hpa capacity of most generous battery (107.8 kWh), when it announces its most efficient model 726 km WLTP range.

A questionable look

In terms of style, the new BMW i7 opens a two-story look that we will have to get used to, even if it means cleaning. probable criticisms inherent in the heaviness of the bow. And in detail, we regret, for example, that the designers did not work to mask the side radars that swept the side members. The cabin also turns out to be a divider for both BMW abuses backlit Swarovski crystals to make the board shine. At its top sits a curved digital phone carry two panels in a row, including a 14.9 ”touch screen when the one dedicated to the driver exceeds 12.3”.

Cave of geeks

Digital artillery impresses even more with the fitted rear seats 5.5-inch shelves on each storm door to order the31.3 “screen with 8K resolution, enabled for 5G extending from the ceiling. Essential to take advantage of recliners equipped with leg rests wider than the old Series 7. Covered with Veganza, a material that replaces leather to alleviate consciousness, however, they can be stretched in cashmere, for the first time as an option. This concern for comfort is enhanced by the presence of a heating system on the armrests, when amortization is based on a two-axle air suspensionseries.

She thinks big

Optionally, the limousine can also be equipped with an active roll stabilization system using a 48 V electric motor. Finally, the driving of automation is further advanced in this new generation with, eventually, the possibility of a autonomy level 3, including a remote parking assistant, using a smartphone. Ideal for parking this transatlantic liner that only offersa unique and long wheelbase to extend up to 5.27 min total.

BMW i7 price

Released on November 2022will claim the new BMW i7 € 139,900 entry level. It will be followed by the Series 7 hybrid range in 2023.

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