It begins today: the testimony of Fabienne, the victim of a love scam, infuriates Internet users

In “Start Today,” Fabienne’s 62-year-old testimony has exasperated many netizens. (Screenshot France 2)

This Monday, May 2, on the occasion of the broadcast of a new unpublished “Start Today” in France 2, Faustine Bollaert and the teams of the program have wanted to address a phenomenon widespread in our society, particularly on the Internet: l romantic scam. Emilie, Fabienne and Fabienne, the three guests of the day, have all been victims of love thieves who they have never met and who have stolen large sums of money from them. Stories reminiscent of the story of other women mentioned in the documentary-phenomenon “The Tinder Scammer” aired on Netflix. Fabienne’s brave witness, who was already married to the man with whom she exchanged on the net, played … and exasperated Internet users.

Unscrupulous methods. This Monday, May 2, Faustine Bollaert and the “Today Begins” teams addressed a topic at the heart of our society, largely amplified by the internet and social media: the scam of feelings. This phenomenon was perfectly represented in “The Tinder Scammer”, an exciting documentary aired earlier this year on Netflix, which tells the story of several women who are told that they were seduced by a certain Shimon Hayut on Tinder, the famous application of meetings. . The man, a 30-year-old man named “Simon Leviev,” allegedly claimed to be a very wealthy heir to the diamond industry and took advantage of that status to extort colossal sums of money from the women he met on Tinder. The guests of today’s show have also lived this Machiavellian setting to perfection. The men they met lied, played with their feelings, and systematically emptied their bank accounts. Years later, although it is still very difficult for them to talk about it, Emilie, Fabienne and Fabienne had the courage to come and tell their stories on the set of “It All Begins Today.”

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“At some point you have to question yourself …”

Fabienne, 62, explains that she came across her executioner two years ago through a friend request on her Facebook profile. If in the beginning the exchanges were initially done by SMS, they quickly evolved into phone calls and the sending of videos and feelings, too, evolved very quickly: “He told me the words I wanted to hear. (…) I was a heartthrob at the time, “said Faustine Bollaert, a guest. It was after fifteen days of discussions that the man in question asked Fabienne for money, and when he demanded a trip to Morocco to avoid a meeting with her, the scammer asked her for help after an alleged problem. With the credit card, this request was the beginning of a spiral: 500, 1000, 1500 euros … despite some reluctance, Fabienne, very much in love, sent this man more and more money. world was confined in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the man would have returned to France and then, isolated in a hotel, he would have asked Fabienne for money … to buy food. Fabienne runs. “I was a stupid because he was closed, he couldn’t go out … “, he confides to the set. Later, the scammer Fabienne hung up on the idea of ​​engagement, marriage, and to play even more with her victim’s feelings, the man explained that he was a widower and had two children. The latter would even have exchanged directly with Fabienne: “They called me ‘Mama 2!'” Says Fabienne.

If this testimony touched many netizens, other viewers were visibly exasperated by Fabienne’s “naivete.”

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