Internet and telephone packages … 5 tips for lowering your bills and …

1 / Telephone operators: assess your needs and identify unnecessary expenses

Check your real needs: for the phone, for example, you mainly use the landline and you can settle for 2 hours a month of mobile calls, you will easily find packages for 2 or 3 €.

For unlimited calls, but low internet data consumption (do you watch a lot of movies or series on the phone?), it will cost about 5 € with several operators.

Also, do you need a fiber internet connection? (especially useful for players who require high speed) or is ADSL enough? The price difference between the best offers for each of these technologies will be around € 15 per month. “On average, subscriptions can account for 1 to 5% of a budget,” says Kevin Ohana, founder of the Joe payment app. Leisure subscriptions – video content, music – increased significantly during the health crisis. But some are underused. However, 90% of subscriptions are tacitly renewed.

In short, you don’t have to dwell on services that you no longer use, but the cost of which is a few euros a month or a quarter is difficult to identify in your account.

Some budget management applications help you to classify and identify all your expensesin particular subscriptions, and to choose consciously: PiloteBudget, Bankin ‘or Linxo for example, all approved ACPR-Banque de France (the first has been initiated by SOS Families Emmaüs Nanterre and the association Cerise and does not require linking your account on line).

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2 / Mobile plans: compare offers for better rates!

In France, the prices of mobile plans are among the cheapest in Europe. But nothing stops you from looking for the best rates. Indeed, strong competition between operators leads to a permanent adequacy of offers.

Use comparators regularly such as for mobile and for internet deals.

When you do your shopping, check all the terms, the promotional offer can only last a few months before a conversion to the standard rate, which is much saltier. You will often have to choose between plans with a commitment period of 12 to 24 months and plans without commitment.

If you leave an operator before the end of the commitment period, you must pay the remaining monthly subscription payments in advance.. Some operators are willing to take on some of these rates. On the other hand, they also reimburse the cancellation costs of a few tens of euros applied by the person leaving (even after the commitment period).

Don’t worry about your phone number, landline or mobile: the law requires portability if desired; that is, the new operator will keep your number and take care of the transfer procedures.

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3 / Manage the termination of your contract: beware of too attractive subscription offers!

Will your contract commitment period arrive soon? Keep in mind that it is often easier to find attractive offers from your provider’s competitors. In fact, operators reserve their attack prices for new subscribers.

If you want to be able to choose calmly, Beware of tempting offers from your cashier or mobile operator two to four months before the end of your contract period. It will often be less attractive than the best deals on the market, but it can compromise you for extra months, preventing you from taking advantage of them.

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4 / How to negotiate a better package price with your operator

If you’ve identified carrier packages that offer the same services as your provider, but at a better price, you can try to negotiate with him. While they don’t offer the most aggressive offers to their subscribers, many traders have a fairly flexible pricing policy that allows them to add options or practice a small discount on the monthly rate for your loyal customers.

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5 / Exercise your rights in the event of a change in your subscription contract

Operators can change contractswhether they increase their price without consideration or add payment servicesthey are required to inform you at least one month before the launch of this news terms (Article L121-84 of the Consumer Code).

Otherwise, you may not be able to pay this supplementor even to reimburse you for the difference in monthly payments already paid.

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