Deauville: The new leisure park that will open in July 2022 hires 20 workers

Work is underway on the former lawn tennis club site for an opening scheduled for July 1, 2022. © Marie-Madeleine REMOLEUR

Following the liquidation of the Lawn Tennis Club, the Lisieux Commercial Court ruled in March 2021. Accepting the proposal of Emmanuel Teboul and David Harari, it offered the Lawn tennis club of Deauville a new focus on sports and leisure.

Opening scheduled for the summer

Dama Factory, a name that will count in the world of leisure, will open its doors on the eve of the summer holidays, July 1. Although anxious to save the surprise of the precise configuration of the local Emmanuel Teboul, raises part of the veil on the latest addition to the company Dama Somnis, an amusement park and sports activities with an area of ​​6 ha outdoors and 1,000 m² indoors: “Today, it is the largest leisure park on the Côte Fleurie. We will develop multiple activities both indoors and outdoors. »

But beware, we should not confuse amusement park and leisure park “there we will offer different leisure activities along with the practice of various sports as we are committed to preserving the initial sporting aspect of the place”

A great mystery still looms over the form and content of the venue. Passing by the road of the old grass tennis complex, you can guess that there are several busy trades, but it is impossible to really see what is going on there. Inflexible, Emmanuel Teboul continues: “At the moment we can not reveal the activities that will take place” before promising that our curiosity will finally be satisfied in early June. “However, I can tell you that the park will host new activities in the region, on the Côte Fleurie. »

As for the sport, no revelations, but an obvious one stipulated by the specifications: several tennis courts – on grass or not – will remain in the middle of a panel of other sports offered.

Dama Factory it should also be the largest of a family of leisure parks developed beyond the borders of the region. “VSit is a brand that is destined to develop in France through other openings of places like this ”, affirms Emmanuel Teboul.

A hiring of 20 people

After presenting some technical data, Emmanuel Teboul talks about the human resources needed for the smooth running of the company. In fact, accessible to all audiences from the age of 3 and up, why not, over the age of 90? Dama Factory It will be open all year round and will offer catering services.

Videos: currently on Actu

A phase of hiring about twenty people has already begun. “We are looking for 20 full-time workers to work on site: for the leisure and activities part, we want to hire customer reception agents whose mission is, for example, to respond to customer requests, to accompany them to the activities they have chosen. … On the restaurant side, we are looking for waiters and kitchen workers. »

From the escape game to the amusement park

The project that is coming true is led by Emmanuel Teboul and David Harari, the creators of the Puzzle, the first getaway game to be installed on the Côte Fleurie. Born in Trouville-sur-Mer, he later grew up on the other side of the Touques in Deauville. The cover of the puzzle continues to grow for export outside of Calvados. After opening a branch in La Baule, then offer an experience Office of Legendsin Paris, inspired by the series, the company Augeronne also offers an online escape game for businesses.

And the adventure is not over. With these young entrepreneurs who have saved a child’s soul, games and leisure have a bright future ahead of them.

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