Civilians evacuated to Mariupol, Nancy Pelosi’s surprise visit to Kyiv … an update on the war in Ukraine

Situation on the ground, international reactions, sanctions: the point about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

– End of the war on May 9 –

Russia does not intend to end the war in Ukraine on May 9, celebrated as Victory Day, its foreign minister said, as analysts believed a possible end to the conflict on that date.

What happens after this announcement?

“Our military will not artificially adjust its actions to any date, including Victory Day,” Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Italian television Mediaset on Sunday, referring to the May 9, 1945 commemoration date. and the surrender of the Nazis to the Allies. , including the Soviet Union.

What happens after this announcement?

“The pace of the operation in Ukraine depends, above all, on the need to minimize the possible risks to the civilian population and the Russian army,” he added.

– Evacuation of Mariupol civilians –

What happens after this announcement?

What happens after this announcement?

Continued evacuations of Mariupol residents are scheduled for Monday morning, following an initial operation that removed a hundred civilians from the Azovstal factory, besieged by Russian forces in this strategic port in southeastern Ukraine. .

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“On May 2, the evacuation to Mariupol begins at 7:00 am (4:00 GMT). from Sunday to Monday. .

The evacuation operation began on Saturday and was carried out in coordination between Ukraine, Russia and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He first referred to the civilians present in the basements of the huge Azovstal steelworks.

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– Eight civilians killed –

Eight civilians were killed in bombings in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions on Sunday, including four in the town of Lyman alone, near the front and under direct threat of Russian advance, regional governors said.

“Russian shells in the Donetsk region: four civilians killed, all from Lyman,” Donetsk region governor Pavlo Kyrylenko told Telegram, adding that seven civilians were injured in the city. the Ukrainian army recently had to fold.

A senior Ukrainian military official has stressed the “difficult situation” in the east of the country, especially in the Izium and Sieverodonetsk regions, “where the enemy has concentrated most of its efforts and its troops best prepared for the fight “.

– Russians open Zaporizhia nuclear power plant –

An administrative building is charred, but those in the reactors appear intact: AFP was able to visit the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Ukraine and Europe, on Sunday. concern of the international community.

The plant “operates normally in accordance with nuclear, radioactive and environmental standards,” said Major General Valeri Vasiliev, a specialist in nuclear and chemical matters, on site, sent by Moscow to protect the site.

– Surprise visit to Kyiv by Nancy Pelosi –

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv, which took place on Saturday but was not announced until Sunday.

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– Russian oil: EU ends gradual embargo –

The European Union is finalizing a phase-out of its purchases of oil and petroleum products in Russia to sanction Ukraine’s war and will announce a timetable and new measures this week, several European sources said on Sunday.

“There is a political will to stop buying oil in Russia and we will have measures and a decision on a gradual withdrawal next week,” said a European official involved in the talks.

– Wimbledon: the exclusion of the Russians “very unfair” (Christmas) –

Rafael Nadal, the most crowned Grand Slam player in tennis, said the ban on Russian and Belarusian Wimbledon players in response to the invasion of Ukraine was “very unfair” on Sunday before the Madrid tournament.

This decision is the first in world tennis and was immediately widely criticized by the ATP and the WTA.

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