7 movies to watch on Netflix to raise your political awareness

Musical biography, ecological satire, contemplative westerns … Politics can interfere with many genres of the seventh art. The test with this selection of seven films from the Netflix catalog that brilliantly address many social issues.

If you’ve been wandering around your Netflix app for hours hoping to find a movie to watch tonight, you’ve come to the right place. The platform catalog can sometimes seem endless, but it also has small nuggets of the seventh art, often hidden by an algorithm that does not always prove to be very helpful.

To help you choose this movie lover, we’ve selected seven films that deserve a look for their sharp critical spirit and strong political intentions. Whether or not they are produced live on Netflix, these feature films will immerse you in haunting fog, the hell of domestic violence, or the heart of artistic creation. To your “Tudoum”!

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Up to the handlethe disgusting family history

Although 29 feminicides have taken place since the beginning of the year, the issue of domestic violence remains undeniable. In 2018, Xavier Legrand took hold of this theme strongly, for his first feature film, Up to the handle. The film focuses on the divorce of a couple, played wonderfully by Léa Drucker (The office of legendsand Denis Menochet (Thank God). Despite allegations of domestic violence by Miriam against him, Antoine still gets joint custody of his son, Julien. The family will be dragged into a spiral of manipulation and threats, with dramatic consequences …

Up to the handle is a powerful film, with great mastery sequence shots, that will probably leave you speechless a few minutes after its conclusion. The oppressive atmosphere catches us with its characters in an escalation of terrifying violence, to a shocking end. You will not be left unscathed by this drama, which was awarded four times at the 2019 Caesars.

Fogthe anti-capitalist horror film

The Shining, It, The Green Line, The Escapees … Stephen King’s adaptations are a legion in cinema and have regularly left an indelible mark on the seventh art. Fog it is no exception to the rule, with one important advantage: being doubled by Master King to himself. This film is therefore one of his favorite adaptations and the author even loved its ending, but very different from the original novel.

As he goes to the local supermarket with his son, the artist David Drayton is trapped there, along with a group of locals, by a supernatural fog, populated by horrible creatures … With his critique of the consumer society , capitalism and religion. excesses, Fog he nails us to our couch with his realism, rather than his scenes of pure horror. If the actors are not always very convincing, the theme of the film manages to cling to us until a creepy and enduring final twist, which has remained cult.

The Tinder Scammerthe documentary about a creepy thief

When it came out, this movie was everywhere. And for good reason: its history is uplifting. Cecilie dreams of the charming prince and slide regularly on Tinder to find it. One day, he finds the perfect profile: that of Simon, an attractive billionaire who promises him mountains and wonders. But the fairy tale ends quickly when the Israeli businessman starts borrowing money, a lot of money …

From the terrifying testimonies of several of its victims, The Tinder Scammer he paints a portrait of a scammer as unfortunate as he is intelligent. In line with series like Inventing Anna, Netflix is ​​once again exploring our love for unlikely stories and captivating thieves. As usual, the pace keeps up, the twists keep falling and the documentary manages to capture our full attention. With a little satisfaction as a bonus: if the scammer is still free, the women around him are shown as fighters, regaining the power of their lives despite debts. Happy.

The lost daughterthe melancholy and maternal journey of Olivia Colman

On a Greek beach, Leda enjoys her vacation alone. Fascinated by a young mother and her daughter, she becomes dangerously close to her family, while re-immersing herself in her own memories of motherhood. The lost daughter is the directorial debut of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (The dark knight, the Deuce), an adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novel, Stolen doll. A story about the difficulty of being a mother, of an assumed slowness, sublimated by an aerial and luminous statement.

A bias that obviously will not please everyone, but that could convince fans of Olivia Colman. With their roles in The Crown, Broadchurch On The Favorite, the British actress has become a must. We would have liked him to win an Oscar for this new performance, tinged with his mysterious and touching presence. Continuously on the sidelines, the actress offers her character a sensibility, but also a magnetic power.

Don’t look upthe edifying ecological satire

It’s hard to make a selection of the best Netflix movies not to mention the box office at the end of 2021. Directed by the talented Adam McKay (The big short, Vice), this feature film imagines the imminent arrival of a destructive comet, aimed directly at Earth. As two scientists try to alert the White House to the ecological risks of this collision, the United States will be divided into two camps: those who believe in the threat and the others, who mourn conspiracy.

Do you remember anything? This is completely normal, Don’t look up it is clearly thought of as a satirical metaphor for the current climate crisis. While the IPCC reports are getting more and more alarming and international governments always seem to be looking the other way, the subject of the film is a dangerous echo of our sad reality. With his biting humor, Don’t look up it maliciously underscores the idiocy of the human species in its most serious moments and happily parodies real-world personalities, from Donald Trump to Elon Musk. Add the brilliant performances of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep and you have a masterpiece that will increase your environmental awareness.

Tick, Tick … Boom!immersion in rock at the heart of musical creation and AIDS

In the early 1990s, Jonathan Larson was approaching the age of thirty. For seven years, he struggled to compose his musical Pride, a kind of rock opera in a science fiction universe. Although he soon has to present his creation in a workshop, he juggles love, friendship, the desire to write a masterpiece and the bills to pay.

Directed by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Encanto, Moana), Tick, Tick … Boom! tells the story of a great American author, fallen into oblivion: Jonathan Larson. The composer of the famous musical Rent he died at just 35 years old, before he could even enjoy the success of his work on stage. Andrew Garfield passionately embodies this idealistic artist and rightly received the Golden Globe for Best Actor of the Year. A well-deserved reward for such a moving and original performance. We highly recommend that you let yourself be tempted Tick, Tick … Boom!, which addresses both the difficulty of artistic creation and the social disorders of the 1990s, starting with AIDS. A nugget for all lovers of musicals.

The power of the dog, the contemplative journey on the plains of New Zealand

The piano lesson, bright starseries Top of the lake… The works of director Jane Campion are regularly tortured and feature characters with chaotic journeys. The power of the dog is no exception to the rule. In 1925, Phil and George are two opposing brothers: the first is abrupt, cruel, and detestable, the second is refined, supportive, and sensitive. At the head of one of Montana’s largest ranches, they play manly cowboys. But when George marries Rose, a young widow, Phil decides to torture her relentlessly …

After decades of portraying complex and tormented female figures, Jane Campion this time focuses on protagonists swimming in the midst of hegemonic and toxic masculinity. The filmmaker represents the perverse effects of excessive virility, aggravated by the weight of social conventions. Its slow and contemplative realization will delay us, but it certainly offers a magnificent representation of the landscapes of New Zealand, sublimated by an orange light. The film also rightly received the Oscar for Best Director earlier this year. But The power of the dog also benefits from a formidable cast: Jane Campion remarkably directs the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch, in the role of the execrable Phil. The interpreter of Doctor Strange find here one of the most beautiful roles of his career, alongside Jesse Plemons (breaking Bad), Kirsten Dunst (Fargoand the Smith-McPhee Code (X Men : Revelation).

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