when science tells the wonders of Disneyland Paris

The magazine presented by Mac Lesggy deciphers, from a scientific point of view, the secrets of the amusement park this Sunday, May 1, at 20:25 on the M6.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, Mac Lesggy and the “E = M6” teams stand out for their commitment to a scientific approach to the leisure park. To do so, they have chosen three attractions whose secrets are revealed with the help of an engineer, a physicist, a landscaper … Their walk takes them to the Star Tours, the Tower of Terror and the new gardens. galactic. Deciphered in three points.

1 – How do you feel about traveling in space, with acceleration, without leaving your chair?

Equipped with 3D glasses, Star Tours passengers have the illusion of a space flight watching a scene from Star Wars whose images are synchronized with the movements of the cabin. As they sit quietly in their chair, they even feel the accelerations associated with this journey. How is that possible? Björn Heerwagen, an engineer, takes us behind the scenes of the attraction, which is inspired by flight simulators. “Technically, it is a cabin, sitting on six cats“These cylinders work likegiant legs that constantly get longer and shorterA diversion from Pierre and Marie Curie University lets you know more. in the case of a cylinder, injecting or sucking fluid will exert a force in one direction or another.In Star Tours, a 1600 liter oil circuit is used to activate the six cylinders to lift the cabin and 20 passengers, In other words, Björn Heerwagen states:We can make a movement behind the cabin going up and when we accelerate we will start to lower the simulator to have this feeling of speed.“.

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2 – How to scare safely?

Climbing the Tower of Terror elevator prepares to fall 13 floors. If the attraction gives the impression of being released into the void, it is not. Engineer Björn Heerwagen brings Mac Lesggy to the top of the tower where the engines are. As with a conventional elevator, the car is suspended by cables connected to a pulley and a counterweight to move it up and down. In this attraction, the cables are also present under the cab and pull it down, faster than if it were a free fall. “That’s why we get up from our seats. Only the belt brakes us», Analyzes the magazine. The fall reaches its peaks at 46 km / h, compared to 5 km / h in a conventional lift. However, it is not the speed, but the acceleration that provides emotions, as shown by “E = M6”.

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3 – How do the new galactic gardens make the plants shine at night?

It feels like another planetmarvel at a young visitor with the plants of the galactic garden shining at night. What process makes it possible? Disneyland landscaper Manon Hazebroucq explains that they use a serum that enters the plant and reveals its structure once exposed to black light (the same that is used in a nightclub and reveals everything that is fluorescent). It was at a garden center in Yvelines where the fluorescent formula was developed. Contains a fluorophore. “It is a molecule that contains electrons that will be excited by ultraviolet light.says Sophie Hombert, founder of Aglaé. Obviously, these are in the black light. The serum is absorbed by the roots and will becarried by the sap, through the stems and leaves. This adheres to plant cells to reveal fluorescence“The plants will shine for 1 to 4 months. When the plant grows new leaves, the serum will gradually disappear. The next goal is to try to make some trees shine.

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