Video Game Collectors – Our Selection for May 2022

The AAA games have been on vacation for several weeks now, and for a while longer if we are to believe the release schedule, rather than poor for this type of production. So we make up for it with more modest scale experiments but they are usually very qualitative. And to accompany some of these titles, publishers take the time to offer us beautiful collector’s editions to add to our already well-stocked collection. For this month of May, we still have a lot to enjoy with a variety of titles that will occupy us while we wait for the arrival of summer and its share of conferences rich in exciting announcements.

  • Ganryu 2: Hakuma Kojiro (May, € 30)

Unlike our habits, this is not a collector’s edition in the strict sense, not even a small box, but a simple edition without any particular content. The only difference with the commercial version, which can be bought from all our good retailers, is an alternative cover. But since it’s a cover limited to only 1,000 copies, we need to add it to our PS4 or Switch toy library, especially since Ganryu 2 is a great old school beat’em up arcade on the line. of the first episode released in 1999 on Neo Geo.

  • Sifu Revenge Edition (May 3, € 50)

It is one of the nuggets of this beginning of the year, already released exclusively on PlayStation consoles in dematerialized form, which today offers us in a beautiful physical edition. This Beat’em up, sometimes considered too demanding, will also be provided the same day with its first major update, highlighting various levels of difficulty so that each player profile can find something for them. As for this revenge edition, it contains 3 lithographs, the OST in digital format, a 48-page mini Artbook and an excellent Steelbook at a low price. – Auchan, Amazon, Micromania …

Collectors May 2022

  • Trek to Yomi Limited Edition (May 5, $ 50)

Published by Devolver Digital, which always has a good eye for detecting in a production ocean the little pearl with great potential, Trek to Yomi arrives from May 5 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles in dematerialized form. But this 2D action and adventure game heavily inspired by Kurosawa’s samurai movies, if only for its grayscale aesthetic, is also offered in a magnificent limited edition of 5,000 copies exclusively on PS5. Please note that one of the 1,000 168-page Artbooks in 20 x 28 cm format may also be added to the cart. The set is expected to be shipped next September. – SpecialReserveGames

  • Prinny presents NIS Classics Volume 2 Deluxe Edition (May 13, € 60)

As its name suggests, this is the second volume of a compilation of two historical Nippon Ichi Software titles to be released on Switch. Since the first volume is quite complicated today to get without putting an indecent price, it is advisable to buy it without too much delay for those who want to be sure to have it. And to be completely fulfilled, know that a third work is already planned for this summer. In the meantime, this box will allow us to (re) discover the excellent TRPG Makai Kingdom and ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, then enjoy the soundtrack with the included CD and mini Artbook. – Fnac, Amazon, Micromania …

Collectors May 2022

  • Strange West (May 13, $ 45)

Here’s a new discovery of Devolver Digital with this Weird West, already released in digital version on March 31 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This isometric action RPG has since been praised many times by the press and gamers, which partly explains the willingness of Special Reserve Games Americans to offer us a beautiful physical edition numbered in a beautiful box of which we will have as a bonus the choice of the illustration. Pre-orders will end on May 13 with the submission of items scheduled for the start of the school year. – SpecialReserveGames

  • Give us the collector’s edition of the Moon (May 19, € 100)

In this sci-fi thriller set in a post-apocalyptic future, they send us on a mission to save humanity, just that. To do this, we will have to solve the many riddles that will mark our search for a new source of energy on the moon. It was released in late 2018, but a collector’s edition, limited to 1,000 units, is scheduled for PlayStation 4 this May. In addition to the certificate of authenticity, you will find the luxury edition of the game in a lenticular case, an additional steam key, the original soundtrack in double vinyl, a comic strip, an Artbook Hardcover, a poster of the moon map , a USB key with exclusive content and a WSA patch. – With cable

Collectors May 2022

  • The Ascent Cyber ​​Edition (May 26, € 50)

Released last summer on the Xbox and PC consoles, then a little later on the PlayStation consoles, The Ascent enjoyed its small success thanks to its specially well-designed universe and its nervous gameplay in a third-person shooter. very addictive. A physical edition called Cyber ​​will be on sale to all of our regular retailers starting May 26 with the best discounts. Available for PS4, PS5 and Xbox, this small box will contain, in addition to the disc game, its OST, a mini Artbook and an excellent Steelbook. – Fnac, Amazon, Micromania

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