the program and the statements of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen scrutinized

THE CONTROL PROCESS – The current head of state faces the RN candidate this Wednesday during the debate between the two rounds. For many months Le Figaro they studied their main proposals.

The French have decided: at the end of a fun campaign, marked mainly by the controversy over the use of consultants by the state, the war in Ukraine and a temporary resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will meet in the second round of the presidential election. Like in 2017.

The RN-backed candidate focused her campaign on defending purchasing power, believing that her electorate already knew her positions on immigration and security. In the face of this, the head of state defended his case and pledged to continue the reforms initiated since the beginning of his five-year term, including that of pensions. The duel between these two representatives, who are opposed to everything, will occupy the media space in the coming weeks. To help you better understand your campaign positions and proposals, Le Figaro invites you to find some of our audits conducted in recent months.

The LREM candidate, during a radio intervention, in April. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Education: A Growing Level of Students?

Disagreement between the Court of Auditors and rue de Grenelle. In a report, the magistrates considered that the “overall performance of the French education system“would tend to”degrade“.”The French education system is malfunctioning“They also write. A statement rejected by the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. So who is right?

Budget: Billionsno matter what»Saved money?

The idea may seem paradoxical: for the Minister of Economy and Finance, the huge sums put on the table to protect activity and companies during the Covid-19 crisis have prevented … see how they increase further plus expenses. “We would have been much poorer if we had not spent money to protect employees and businessessaid Bruno Le Maire. An idea picked up by Emmanuel Macron ever since. Are you right?

Security: Are There Really 10,000 Promised Jobs?

That was one of Emmanuel Macron’s key promises in 2017: to significantly strengthen the police force through recruitment. “10,000 additional police and gendarmesFive years later, some, like Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, are questioning the results of the five-year period on this point. Is the bill good? Have the sites really been created?

Employment: Has the goal of reducing unemployment been achieved?

The fight against unemployment is both one of the central causes of Macron’s five-year term, as well as one of the arguments that the President of the Republic makes at will to defend his career. Despite the crises, including the Covid-19 crash, “today we have an unemployment rate that is the lowest in fifteen years“Emmanuel Macron repeated several times. Marine Le Pen, however, denies the veracity of these figures: let’s take stock.

Competitiveness: thereindustrialization” it works?

While France has seen its industrial fabric shrink for decades, the executive claims to have begun to reverse the trend. A dynamic has been set in motion, say Bruno Le Maire and Emmanuel Macron, who add that France is beginning to see the return of factories, projects and investments. So what do the numbers say?

Pensions: Is reform inevitable?

Pension reform, the return. If re-elected, Emmanuel Macron has already announced that he wants to raise the legal retirement age to 65. ««Whoever tells you that we can keep things as they are lies. This system is in deficit, it will be for a few years“He was caught red-handed. An analysis challenged by unions and the opposition. And what about that? Is there a funding problem for our pensions?

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Immigration: France, less concerned about “clandestine»

Is France less affected by illegal immigration than its neighbors? At the end of 2021, the Minister of the Interior assured that “France has far fewer illegal immigrants than most major European countries, starting with Britain“. Is true ?

The RN candidate, during a press conference in late March. THOMAS COEX / AFP

Occupation: the “national prioritycan it be applied to the world of work?

Among the songs that appear in her program, the RN nominee proposes to award “a priority for French workerscompared to foreigners. But is it possible to legally implement this idea? Will it not be considered discriminated against and censored?

Immigration: Can a referendum change the Constitution?

If elected, Marine Le Pen wants to amend the French Constitution in a referendum to implement its program. Goal : “modify»The status of foreigners, access to nationality andprevail»National law on international law. But is it really possible?

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Security: the Christian religion, themore threatened“in France?

Are Christians the most attacked believers by anti-religious acts? Asked about Cnews, RN spokesman Julien Odoul assured him: “the Christian religion is the most endangered in FranceIs this what the numbers show?

Nuclear: Can the Fessenheim plant still be restarted?

If elected, the RN candidate wants “reactivate the nuclear industryin France, to fight fossil fuels. And in mid-March, Marine Le Pen reiterated that she wanted to reopen the Fessenheim plant. “if it is still possible“So it’s too late? Or does this path still exist?

Institutions: the absence of proportional representation, a French exception?

For Marine Le Pen, the introduction of proportional representation in legislative elections would allow “the French to be represented“France is an exception in Europe on this issue,” he added.

Infrastructure: can we renationalize highways?

This is one of Marine Le Pen’s flagship promises: in the event of a victory, the candidate intends to take control of the management of the motorways, in particular to reduce “.15% tollsA way, he says, to regain the purchasing power of households. But is it credible? Would the nationalization bill be bearable for public accounts?

Social: France, the most generous country with illegal immigrants?

By the end of 2021, when a tragedy had killed migrants in Calais, Marine Le Pen had argued that a significant portion of those questioned on the Belarusian-Polish border wanted to come to France, not go to the UK. . . “It is in France where illegal immigrants have more access to social assistance, health care“he added then.”Illegals look at the offers of different countries, and go where their situation will improvehe said again. It’s right? Is France so generous?

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