“Stranger Things”, “Far from the ring road” … New releases to discover in May

Finally! Netflix subscribers believed that day would never come. However, great success Strange things will finally return in late May. The youngest fans of the science fiction series are especially eager to discover the first episodes of it season 4 was repeatedly postponed in the past. However, you should not expect to eat it all at once, as the season will be divided into several parts. Only Volume 1 will be available from May 27th. Perfect for avoiding binge-watching and indigestion.

In the great tradition of the platform, many creations from around the world like the Korean one are expected this month The sound of magicthe South African Wild Beauty or the Japanese The newspaper of the future. Ideal for traveling, enjoying different stories of European or American creations while sitting on your couch. And let’s not forget the reality shows like The Circle On The Bling Empire as well as films, original creations or archives of the 7th art.

The series

Strange things 4 – Volume 1
Date: 27/05
This is the big comeback of the year on the platform after a long break. During the spring break, darkness once again surrounds Hawkins, awakening terror, reviving distressing memories, and increasing fear of war.

The game of the circle (USA) – season 4
Dates: 04/05 (episodes 1-4), 11/05 (episodes 5-8), 18/05 (episodes 9-12), 25/05 (episodes 13)
We talk a lot this season, but we always hide everything … especially the celebrity of some and others! Bets are open. Who will win the final prize?

The Pentaverat
Date: 05/05
A secret society that has influenced the course of history for centuries is threatened inside. His fate depends on a Canadian journalist. The one in the world too.

The sound of magic
Date: 6/05
A little Korean love and romance. A magician installed in an abandoned amusement park brings to light the misfortunes of a disillusioned teenager and a small hope reappears despite the cruelty of her life.

Working mothers (season 6)
Date: 05/10
A work-life balance? Really? Kate, Anne, Jenny, Sloane and Val work overtime to deal with major problems at work and at home.

Wild Beauty
Date: 05/12
A South African series to discover. In revenge, a woman with a tragic past insinuates herself into a powerful family with a global cosmetic empire, but also dark secrets.

The Bling Empire (season 2)
Date: 13/05
New love, new dates and new drama are intertwined in this dazzling circle of wealthy Asian and Asian-American friends in Los Angeles.

Love, death and robots (Volume 3)
Date: 20/05
Disturbing worlds, exquisite violence, and insane cheating await you in the third volume of this award-winning animated anthology by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

But also : Three meters above the sky (season 3), The marginal (season 5), brothers in crime (season 2), 42 Days of Darkness, The Touche-à-tout, The Lincoln Defense, Neumatt, The Future Diary (season 2), Who killed Sara? (season 3), Love stories and autism, Insiders (season 2), Interviews, Our Blues, The Culinary Tribulations of Phil (season 5).


Far from the Perif
Date: 6/05
Ten years after they met, two opposing police officers reluctantly meet to investigate a murder in a small, not-so-quiet town.

Date: 6/05
Messy and naughty, Marmaduke has a huge heart, but he can’t help it. Will you have enough dog to succeed in the elegant world of dog shows?

Last year
Date: 13/05
A slippery stunt brings a cheerleader into a coma. She wakes up ready to be the prom queen of her high school dreams … 20 more years!

But also : The master of flight, The Perfect Family, Tuscany, A perfect match, Love the shit, always! (Also shit), Larva: the power of the amulet (larval pendant), On the way to the future, Thar: the three goals, Forty years and surprises (40 years young), hatred, guardians, cheetah, past, Hippocrates, a better life, salt of the earth, in front of you, Transformers: the last knight, the millers, a family in the grass, our Idiot Brother, Pachamama, Men In Black 3, Blue Spare, Let’s Dance, Vidues.

The documentaries

Apnea: crossing under the ice
Date: 3/05
In this documentary, follow Johanna Nordblad freediving as she tries to break the world record for longest distance freediving under the ice.

Panic at the Central
Date: 4/05
Privileged witnesses return to the facts, controversies and consequences associated with the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Our Father for all
Date: 05/11
After a DNA test, a woman discovers that she has many half-siblings, and reveals a Machiavellian plan drawn up by a fertility specialist.

But also : Wild Babies: Small and Wild, Cyber ​​Hell: The Network of Horror, The G System or the Art of Governing, Censured by Assassination: José Luis Cabezas.

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