School, university, high school: how to become an educational assistant?

Working as a “pawn” has always been a classic of student work. Hired on a part-time and part-time basis, teaching assistants – their official name for the administration – are responsible for supervising and supervising students. Additional sites have been created due to the health crisis. The student explains how to take advantage of it.

“Covid creates teacher and administrative absences and these replacements must be provided.” In mid-January, Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, announced the hiring of reinforcements to cover the needs caused by the health crisis: At the end of the academic year, 3,300 hired teachers will be hired, as well as 1,500 additional teaching assistants..

Educational assistants (AE or AED) have been the official mandate for 20 years to appoint supervisors in schools, institutes and institutes. 63,000 people work as “pawns” (a nickname for students, ed.), A quarter of whom are students.

What are the missions of educational assistants?

At the entrance of the university or institute, in the courtyard, in the self-service or in the corridors, Supervision of students is the main mission of educational assistants.
That’s not all, they are also involved in the educational policy of the establishment. They support, for example, children with learning difficulties.

By being in regular contact with students, they can do so detect worrying situations such as those related to school bullying, among other things.

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They can also be given other tasks, even during extracurricular hours : access to new technologies, help with documentary research, animation of cultural or sports activities, help with study, etc.

What is the profile of a good teaching assistant?

“Today this role requires a professional stance to not be a ‘friend’ of teenagers but a reference adult.”, observes Carole Bauttista, senior education adviser (CPE) at an institute in Suresnes (92). “There are rules of procedure to enforce, it has to be able to explain the rules to students. To do this, we still need to understand and integrate them. ”

What is the workload?

Generally Teaching assistants are hired on a part-time contract for a few hours a week (maximum 18 hours per week for a student), although full-time hiring is also possible (36 hours). In this case, it is the adults who do the work. Historically designed AED places for students are now 75% occupied by people who are no longer in school (read the box below). The average age is also 30 years.

What are the conditions for applying?

Baccalaureate, whatever the sector (general, technology professional), is enough to apply to a teaching assistant position. You must be 20 years old at the time of access to the position if you work as a supervisor in a boarding school.

How to get a job?

To apply the official procedure is to apply on the SIATEN platform (information system for temporary agents of national education) of the academy where you want to work. Once registered by the academic services, applications are communicated to schools. Then potential employers will contact you directly.

But there is nothing stopping you from sending your resume and cover letter directly to the director of the university or institute you are interested in.

What is the salary of a teaching assistant?

Ask for pay, the salary is close to the level of the SMIC. In general, you will be paid 803 euros gross per month for part-time and 1,607 euros gross for full-time.

If you work overtime, the amount of hourly compensation has been set at 13.11 euros by ministerial decree of December 2021. Take comfort, there are additional benefits to which you can claim: payment of school holidays by contract of 12 months, payment of a part of your transport tickets and your travel expenses, etc. .

Besides you can combine the income from your work as a teaching assistant with your scholarship based on social criteria. Two conditions must be met: to benefit from a scholarship fee corresponding to at least the second level and to work as a part-time teaching assistant.

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