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Today’s iOS offers: 2 free apps, 5 free games and 3 promotions, like ICEY, The Firm, Quiet. The opportunity to save € 26!

Every day, the newsroom discovers the best deals of the day in the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry up and download it during sales! Developers can raise the price at any time, this is also a good iPhone plan or a good iPad plan.


Free iOS Games:

Alice Beyond Wonderland iPhone Icon Set iphone ipadAlice Beyond Wonderland (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.21, 365 MB, iOS 9.0, MediaCity Games) goes from € 2.99 to free.

Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries of the magical realms beyond the incredible land of wonders, find where the evil red queen has banished your friends, collect clues about their fate and solve various puzzles to save them at once for all and save them. Wonderland.

A point-and-click game full of minigames that will delight fans of the genre (and the license).

The +:

  • Lots of mini games
  • A great way to rediscover this story

Download the free game Alice Beyond Wonderland

capture game of alice beyond wonderland ipa iphone ipad

ipa iphone sphaze iphone ipad icon setSPHAZE (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.3, 385 MB, iOS 13.0, Mateusz Janczewski) goes from € 3.99 to free.

In SPHAZE, you will manipulate twisted mazes and guide mysterious robots through worlds of astonishing beauty.

SPHAZE offers a relaxing exploration of worlds ranging from fantasy to science fiction. Guide the mysterious robots through different areas, solve arcade puzzles, test your reflexes and help the agitated RoBip.

A clever mix of Cut the Rope arcade puzzles with Monument Valley art direction in low poly! We value the effects of parallax and the use of the Taptic Engine which adds an extra dimension.

Download the free game SPHAZE

sphaze ipa iphone ipad capture game

monster ipa ipa iphone ipad monster icon gameNeo Monsters (Game, Strategy / Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v2.28.1, 376 MB, iOS 11.0, ZigZaGame Inc.) goes from € 0.99 to free.

Capture and evolve over 900 monsters in a universe that will almost certainly remind you of a certain Pokémon on Nintendo DS.

You will play as the heir to your late uncle’s monster ranch. Then you can explore a world with over 900 monsters to capture and train them to create the ultimate team.

The +:

  • Those who love Pokémon should love …
  • A lifetime

Download the free game Neo Monsters

monster catch game neo ipa iphone ipad

iphone iphone ipad company icon setThe Firm (Games, Maps, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.8, 116 MB, iOS 8.0, Sunnyside Games) goes from € 0.99 to free.

THE FIRM is an arcade game that will stir your brain! Welcome to La Firma! Do your ambitions have no limits? Do you want to go up the stairs? Well, well … The stakes are high: react quickly, stay focused and be the future wolf of Wall Street.

With the latest update, emerging marketers can show off their skills to the world through Achievements.

The +:

  • Original concept

  • Addictive

Download the free game The Firm

the capture game from ipa iphone ipad

break ipa iphone ipod code game icon ipadDestroy the code (Game, board games / puzzles, iPhone / iPad, v2.6.3, 10 MB, iOS 13.0, Piotr Sochalewski) goes from € 0.99 to free.

Do you like the classic Mastermind game? Then you will love the game Smash the Code.

You have ten attempts to guess a secret 4-digit number. After each attempt, you receive a clue to see how many numbers you guessed correctly.

The +:

  • A minimalist style

  • It can be played alone or in pairs

Download the free game Destroy the code

break the ipa code capture game iphone ipad

Free iOS Apps:

run ipa iphone ipad icon applicationTO RUN (Application, iPhone / iPad, v2.2.2, 7MB, iOS 14.0, Andrei Gaivoronskii) goes from € 1.99 to free.

All your career stats on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Share your races on Instagram as an image or video.

Use widgets on your iPhone or iPad. Keep track of your career statistics on Apple Watch.

The +:

  • A dark mode is available
  • Very practical for running lovers

Download the free app TO RUN

run ipa iphone ipad capture app

ipa iphone ipad silent app iconQuiet (Application, iPhone / iPad, v3.3, 7 MB, iOS 14.5, Peter Cammeraat) goes from € 9.99 to free.

Quiet blocks Safari content on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and allows you and your loved ones to browse the Internet safely. Avoid unwanted distractions at times when you need to focus.

Quiet has immeasurable power over the Mac. The ability to block distractions throughout the operating system, not just Safari. Does Twitter interfere with your work? Chrome is your spare wheel as soon as the first difficulties in your tasks appear? Peace of mind is your solution! You will be free from your annoying distractions and use your Mac with a more productive approach.

The +:

  • The best friend of your focus

Download the free app Quiet

ipa iphone silent capture app ipad

IOS specials:

ipa iphone ice icon ipad gameICEY (Game, Adventure / Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.0, 1.1 GB, iOS 8.0, XD Network Inc.) goes from € 2.99 to € 1.99.

Inspired by games like Devil May Cry, ICEY offers fast-paced action in a futuristic 2D side-scrolling environment. It has already reached the peak of PC and PS4 gamers.

To highlight a little more, ICEY offers a narrative system that will guide you through the game. If the goal is to obey the “voice”, sometimes it will be good to ask the question and even do the opposite. Your choices will have implications, such as Telltale games.

HASWith an excellent production that mixes 2D and 3D, ICEY is a real attraction when attacking, dodging or counterattacking. The special effects are spectacular and accentuate the impact of the combos. This is the other peculiarity of ICEY, you will progress throughout the adventure, you will form your own style of fight and you will chain combos to the shovel. If you’ve played DMC, for example, you won’t be out of place.

The +:

To download ICEY at € 1.99

kingdom rush origins ipa iphone game iconKingdom Rush Origins (Game, Action, iPhone, v5.6.21, 201 MB, iOS 11.0, Ironhide SA) goes from € 2.99 to € 1.99.

Kingdom Rush is a defense tower that offers some essential elements that give it an undeniable supremacy over its competition.

Here is the third episode with new content: enemy units, towers, heroes, consumables, environments, each of these aspects has been updated.

The +:

To download Kingdom Rush Origins at € 1.99

Kingdom Rush Origins ipa capture game iphone

kingdom rush frontiers ipa iphone game iconBorders of the Rush Kingdom (Game, Action / Strategy, iPhone, v5.6.21, 170 MB, iOS 11.0, Ironhide SA) ranges from € 2.99 to € 0.99.

Kingdom Rush is a defense tower that offers some essential elements that give it an undeniable supremacy over its competition. Here is the second episode with new content: enemy units, towers, heroes, consumables, environments, each of these aspects has been updated.

The +:

To download Borders of the Rush Kingdom at € 0.99

kingdom rush frontiers ipa iphone capture game

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