Internet box. Here are 3 steps to reduce your bill by -50%

As with mobile plans, you need to know how to switch operators regularly to save money on your internet cash register. That said, the procedure is easy and will only take a few minutes. In addition, ISPs assume the costs of termination and the transition takes place today without any interruption. So you have no excuse not to look elsewhere.

If you’ve had an Internet subscription for over a year, you’re likely to pay at least $ 30 for your internet box (or even more). However, this is not what you should pay. In fact, the average household can be very satisfied with an Internet formula between 15 and 25 euros a month at most. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Discover the Bbox Fit

Discover the Red Box

Below we have selected two offers that should really interest you. In terms of value for money, you have a very nice deal to make. These two internet boxes from Bouygues Telecom and RED by SFR offer a complete quality service at an affordable price. If the former requires a customer commitment (12 months), the latter is non-binding.

Bouygues Telecom and its internet box at 15.99 euros

Bouygues Telecom needs no introduction, as it has become a staple of the market with its famous Bboxes. In its range (Bbox Fit, Must and Ultym), it is the least expensive the most successful. If you request a commitment within a 12 month period, its price is so advantageous during this period that no one will consider it.

This internet box offers a speed of 400 Mb / s for downloading and sending. This speed is more than enough for almost all French homes, including those where several people watch video streaming in parallel. Obviously, you don’t have to look for boxes with speeds of one or 2 Gb / s if you don’t have a specific and intense use of your internet connection.

At the same time, this Bouygues Telecom internet box also offers you all unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 destinations. Of course, this box also assigns you a phone number that you can use as a landline (however, you’ll need to purchase a landline separately). However, Bbox Fit ignores the TV part. But with smart TVs and streaming apps, enthusiasm for this option is waning.

In terms of prices, Bouygues Telecom is unbeatable in this internet box. You will not be able to find a more attractive price in the market: the Bbox Fit is only 15.99 euros per month, for the whole first year. It is true that it rises to 30.99 euros further, but that is still reasonable. And if after 12 months you are not in phase with this increase, you can always cancel it as you are not committed.

Discover the Bbox Fit

Bouygues Telecom is positioned as the cheapest solution to have a fiber Internet connection. If this internet box is available with fiber, you must first verify that your home is securely connected to the internet service provider’s fiber network. All you have to do is enter your home address on the operator’s site and get your approval. Otherwise, you’ll have to resort to ADSL, which is still much slower.

In our opinion, the Bbox Fit is one of the best internet boxes available today. We would also appreciate it if Bouygues Telecom would bear the costs of termination if you leave the competition. It compensates them up to 100 euros, which will be enough to guarantee a transition at no cost. It is a real convenience and eliminates any financial friction to change ISPs.

Triple-play without compromise with the RED Box

RED by SFR is a player that has revolutionized the telecommunications market, both mobile and landline. Its RED Box has unique features that have made it so successful. If you are looking for a time-bound internet box (!) With an attractive price and triple play, it will work for you. We highly recommend it.

To simplify its range as much as possible, RED by SFR has decided to keep only one internet box. You can then add options to better personalize your experience. This allows you to pay as close as possible to your actual usage. By default, the box that stands out costs 23 euros per month, the first month being free. This ISP also reimburses 100 euros for possible termination costs.

To now reach the features of this internet box, it comes with fiber and very high speed (1 Gb / s download and 500 Mb / s upload). Therefore, it is approximately twice the speed previously announced by Bouygues Telecom. Again, the quality of your flow may vary depending on where you are.

RED by SFR also offers you all unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones. It is included in the price and is a point that Bouygues Telecom cannot match. Finally, this ISP also includes in your internet box a TV experience with 35 channels included. There is no default decoder (you need to add a fixed cost of 29 euros to the purchase of the box) and you can only see them in the mobile application. You have every interest in adding this amount of unit to get the most out of the experience. Please note that for 3 euros per month, you can upload up to 100 TV channels.

To discover this RED Box, here it is:

Discover the Red Box

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