How and where to find a cheaper car (new and used)?

After gasoline, repairs, insurance (+ 16% since 2010) it is now the purchase price of vehicles that is skyrocketing. The trend has been going on for about ten years, but it has worsened due to the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, here’s a quick guide to help you find the rare pearl.

Why are cars becoming more expensive?

Structurally, cars are becoming more and more expensive to manufacture, so new prices are rising. The advent of hybrid and electric cars, equipped with advanced technology, has thus increased the average value of the French car fleet.

This phenomenon has been amplified since the beginning of the post-Covid recovery. He semiconductor shortage continues to penalize manufacturers. As for the most recent conflict in Ukraine, it makes it difficult to transport raw materials such as steel, copper or nickel.

What is rare to be expensive, the fall in new vehicle production logically leads to price inflation in dealerships. If you want or are forced to buy a new vehicle during the year, it is a good idea to consider some tips to keep your bill to a minimum.

First of all, it is possible to resort to the cheapest vehicles on the market. The website Autoplus has recently released a ranking of the cheapest cars available this year.

Ranking of the cheapest cars on the market 2022

minimum price Vehicles
€ 9,990 Dacia Sandero
€ 11,990 fiat-panda
€ 12,090 What a Spicy
€ 12,240 Hyundai i10
€ 12,350 Citroën C1
17,390 euros (without bonus) 12,694 euros (after ecological bonus) Dacia spring
€ 12,800 Peugeot 108
€ 12,990 Mitsubishi Space Star
€ 13,750 Renault Twingo
€ 13,990 Toyota Aygo

Source: Autoplus

This year, only the Dacia Sandero is below the 10,000 euro mark again. This was already the case at the end of 2020, but inflation is noticeable, as the same model was then sold € 8,290. Since its launch late last year, it is another model of the brand, the Dacia spring which has become the cheapest electric vehicle on the market, so it is not possible to find this engine for less than 12,000 euros with bonus (knowing that it will decrease in July 2022).

lateral vehicle classit is better to give priority to mini-urban cars (we will add the Fiat Panda Hybrid, 12,290 euros), multi-purpose urban cars (specifically the Citroën C3 You! at 14,890 euros) and small SUVs (Dacia Sandero Stepway Eco-G 100, 13,690 €) .

In addition to targeting cheaper vehicles, there are also some tips for getting lower prices:

  • Buy a low-cost vehicle : Of course, there is concern that unloved vehicles are not loved for good reason, but they may be subject to deep discounts. The same goes for cars at the end of the series, which dealers will try to sell.
  • Go through a car dealer : these intermediaries are in charge of negotiating the lowest price with the dealers of the vehicle sought.
  • search the internet : in certain respects, a car is a consumer item like any other, which can be unstocked (,,,, etc.) or offered in places private sale. .


How to reduce your overall car budget?

Finally, if the model you want is still too expensive for you, you can also reduce the overall economic impact by saving on other parts of your car budget, such as fuel, maintenance, or simply car insurance. .

As for fuel, we recently released a file on the least greedy cars on the market. For maintenance, we also have a dedicated guide, waiting for the monopoly of spare parts to end. Finally, for car insurance, the easiest way is to do a free simulation to see how much you could save.

Naturally, the published prices of new cars lead buyers to turn to the second-hand market. Thus, second-hand vehicles sell very well in the midst of a health crisis (5.5 million records in 2020).

Prices are also rising in the second hand market.

But even in this market, prices are starting to rise. Blame it on a weakening demand and a scarce supply, especially on the decline in new car production. To find a used vehicle without breaking the bank, it is best to resort to areas where supply exceeds demand.

According to a study by the famous second-hand site Leboncoin, it is located on High of Franceen Île-de-France and in overseas departments that the supply of vehicles under 5,000 euros is the highest. For vehicles between 10,000 and 15,000 euros, it is rather to the west of France where the supply is most abundant (Brittany, Pays-de-la-Loire and New Aquitaine).

Regardless of where you live, you can also go to an online car dealership, such as Aramisauto. The fact that these platforms do not have networks of distributors to maintain greatly reduces their costs. There are also more and more manufacturers that offer refurbished vehicles, ie used models, but completely refurbished, at a price between 20 and 30% cheaper.

In any case, you can read our interview with carVertical about the disadvantages to avoid before buying a used vehicle. Finally, as with new vehicles, you can save on other items in your car budget, including car insurance, to reduce your overall purchase bill.

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