From “Stargate” to the nuclear bombing of the Moon, here are the craziest declassified American projects

For more than five years, a branch of the U.S. government has been considering assembling strange space projects, which would not have gone awry in a science fiction “dwarf”. On April 19, 2022, nearly 1,600 pages of declassified documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA, “Defense Intelligence Agency”) was published and studied by Motherboard, Vice and the British tabloid The sun. In summary of this impressive amount of archives, fantastic ideas such as the use of nuclear bombs to dig the surface of the Moon, the establishment of an interstellar portal to the Stargate, between two sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs). TheAdvanced aerospace threat identification program (AATIP, “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program”) and its derivative, theAdvanced Aerospace Weapons System Implementation Program (AAWSP, “Advanced Aerospace Weapons Program”), launched in 2007 under the administration of George W. Bush and officially stopped in 2012, are the source of these strange and colorful ideas.

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Negative mass, nuclear charges and interstellar portals

It took four years Defense Intelligence Agency provide a Vici documents relating to the purposes of the AATIP, with the news invoking in 2017 the Freedom of information law (FOIA), which requires government agencies to transfer records to newspapers. One of the major projects highlighted by many media in the Atlantic is the use of nuclear bombs to dig the moon.

© Nasa

A few missions planned over the next ten years could help you learn more about the lower layers of the Moon.

AATIP’s proposal: open a tunnel to the lunar crust and mantle of our natural satellite, in order to reach its deepest layers. Program teams use equations and theories to detail the possibility that the interior of the Moon is home to unique material. The latter would be as strong as steel, but 100,000 times lighter. In 2020, observations by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) showed that there was a large amount of metal in the Moon’s mantle. But for now, no formal scientific observations support the theory proposed by the AATIP about the existence of a metal with these properties found in the heart of the Moon.

At the same time, the researchers explain that one of the interests of this operation would be to confirm the existence of negative mass below the lunar surface. The negative mass is the so-called exotic matter, that is, hypothetical matter that diverges from the “ordinary” matter observable throughout the Universe. Digging a tunnel leading to negative terrain could, according to the AATIP report, create a potential well. This concept of quantum physics has the creation of a point at which the interaction of masses could create kinetic energy. The positive and negative masses accelerate each other, the negative repelling the positive.

Gravitational waves, which cause fluctuations in space-time, could be used as vectors of messages according to AATIP.

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Gravitational waves, which cause fluctuations in space-time, could be used as vectors of messages according to AATIP.

The whimsical plans of an eccentric billionaire

The plans for the AATIP and AAWSP programs are based on credible theories. But the exploitation of these theses for military or commercial purposes is still a fiction. Many journals specializing in the treatment of scientific information insist on the crazy aspect of US government projects. Among the use of nuclear bombs and interstellar tunnels are other ideas such as the circulation of data through gravitational waves or “mantles of invisibility,” intended to hide radar devices or motion detectors.

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According to information obtained by Vici i Motherboardthe research conducted by the researchers of the two programs was funded by a company, Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Studiesfounded and owned by businessman Robert Bigelow, president of Bigelow Aerospace. Bigelow had a friendly relationship with Senator Harry Reid, whose influence would have been instrumental in shaping AATIP. The U.S. government released nearly $ 22 million from 2007 to 2012.

The 1600 declassified pages, however, would only be part of the entire DIA program, still according to Vici. Although an interstellar travel portal or nuclear bombing of the Moon is unlikely to occur in the coming weeks, the site Motherboard announced that it will study the report to publish a detailed analysis in the coming months.

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