Deliver Us Mars: “Our game will stand out.” Meeting with KeokeN

Game news Deliver Us Mars: “Our game will stand out.” Meeting with KeokeN

Deliver Us The Moon landed on planet Earth on September 28, 2018, a sci-fi game developed and self-published by KeokeN before Wired Production took over the publishing rights and released it on consoles in 2019. adventure game, the player played an astronaut sent to the moon to find a way to save humanity. Launched in March 2022, its sequel, entitled Deliver Us Mars, is now expected in turn. We were able to talk to Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN, to learn more about this mysterious project.

Longer and more amazing

Who can stop the rise of the young Deliver Us series? Like a rocket running towards a star to avoid a disaster, it has achieved for the time being in its mission: to gather positive opinions. Its popularity peaked in 2020, when the episode Deliver Us The Moon landed on the Game Pass, quickly convincing a large number of service subscribers. If the title developed by KeokeN had managed to surprise fans of science fiction games, its sequel is now awaited by many fans.. For Deliver Us Mars, the development studio analyzed the comments and then rolled up. “We listened very carefully to the comments of the players and learned a lot from what they shared“says Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN. First promise, Deliver Us Mar will be longer than the first game. As Koen Deetman acknowledges,”the players wanted more of this universe than we could give them in the first game”. “This time we will give them more to play“, promise.

We’ve improved many aspects of the original game in Deliver Us Mars, and some elements have become so drastic that players won’t expect it. What we’ve planned is so exciting that we can’t wait to see when the players experience it. Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN

Deliver Us Mars:

Deliver Us Mars is, therefore, a sequel to Deliver Us The Moon that takes place 10 years after the Fortune mission. However, this new installment is thought of as a standalone game, although it shares a general story with the original title and leaves the door open to the return of certain protagonists. “If you are new to the series, you will have no problem following the story.Says the co-founder of KeokeN. He adds: “That said, we also use Driver Us The Moon to introduce new ideas to the series, which makes it feel exciting and amazing, even if you’re already a fan of it.”.

We delved into the narrative, both in the way the player is presented and in the richness of the character description. Both games share the same environmental issues when it comes to showing the effects of climate change on Earth and humanity. This remains at the heart of the series. Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN

Deliver Us Mars:

Rock climbing on the red planet

According to the development team, Deliver Us Mars is based on the bases established by its predecessor. This means that the player will find himself in an experience that mixes exploration, puzzles and a strong atmosphere. “When it comes to puzzles, we’ve taken a big step forward by creating complete puzzle mechanics that are repeated throughout the game, rather than using point ideas like in the first app.“In terms of structure, Deliver Us Mars should be very much inspired by the first title, although it benefits from the overlays. The environmental narrative, which made the series famous , is the subject of special care according to the co-founder of KeokeN.Finally, the gameplay will include several improvements and new features.

We are introducing a new way of fighting the environment and its verticality: we have developed a complex climbing system that creates a real sense of danger. Players will think about not letting go when navigating the Martian landscapes with their climbing axes, and will constantly think about the need to keep moving towards safe areas. We also have other game ideas that haven’t been revealed yet, and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on them, not to mention the different locations we haven’t shown yet. Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN

Deliver Us Mars:

Find the balance between creativity and viability

Given the high ambitions of developers looking to meet fan expectations, the KeokeN study has grown. “KeokeN is still a relatively small studio, but we have expanded our team into multiple disciplines to take the gaming experience to a new level.Welcomes Koen Deetman. “It is safe to say that Deliver Us Mars is still a very ambitious project to create for a relatively small group of people.“, add.

We’ve learned a few things along the way by building the study that makes development very efficient in order to maintain a healthy balance between creativity and viability. Most importantly, we are fortunate to have a large number of highly creative and talented people in Keoken who are experts in their field. We’re sure players will appreciate all the work done by Deliver Us Mars! Koen Deetman, co-founder of KeokeN

Of course, atmospheric games set in a sci-fi universe are now commonplace in the gaming world. However, KeokeN co-founder remains confident that his new project will stand out from the crowd. “Our game includes a diverse set of game mechanics while using cinematic rhythm and setting elements“Before concluding,” he says.our goal is to immerse the player in a memorable and emotional gaming experience, driven by storytelling and demanding bold decisions. In this sense, we know that the game will stand out”.

Deliver Us Mars:

Deliver Us Mars, developed by KeokeN, will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on an unknown date. At the moment, the studio does not plan to offer the game on a virtual reality platform.

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