Yvelines: when the new equipment brings back the tennis players

The new structure of the Morainvilliers tennis club. (© Jehan-Jacques Peyre / 78actu)

With the creation of a covered complex consisting of two resin courts and a paddle tennis court, the Morainvilliers-Bures tennis club goes from 105 licensees in 2021 at 240 this season.

The village of Morainvilliers-Bures has the peculiarity of being formed by two towns separated by the A13: the club had two outdoor synthetic turf in Morainvilliers and two outdoor fields of porous concrete in Bures. It is in place of the two fields of Bures that the implementation of the new structure has been carried out.

“But it was difficult for a small town council to consider the project of a covered complex that brings together two resin courts, a paddle tennis court and a clubhouse,” admits the president. It took 10 years and the determination of a very united team of leaders and teachers to achieve this result! »

Dominique Rault, president of the club

This complex will finally see the light thanks to this group with the help of the City Council, the departmental council of Yvelines, the Ile-de-France region and the French Tennis Federation (FFT).

Opened on September 4, 2021, these venues have transformed the life of the club: there are no class cancellations, the club no longer depends on bad weather, the lighting has allowed to offer a wider range of schedules, therefore more classes and the novelty, the paddle court. The club registers 240 licensees this year, indoor paddle attracts a large number of athletes, such as a player who came to play an interclub match who after seeing the paddle hurried to come and register in Morainvillers to enjoy of the facilities.

Orgerus Tennis Club

At the Orgerus Tennis Club with Sophie Garnier and Kevin Manavian.
At the Orgerus Tennis Club with Sophie Garnier and Kevin Manavian. (© Jehan-Jacques Peyre / 78actu)

The Orgerus Tennis Club has resurrect two batches to make them playable at all times, and take the opportunity to make some of them lighting.

Sophie Garnier has chaired this club for six years, which until now had three porous concrete fields that had to be refurbished for safety reasons.

“The ideal solution for the club was to offer fields for all time,” said the president. Its surface offers many advantages, such as fast drying in rainy weather and viability despite frost. This surface allows you to maintain a maximum of courses, and save time in training. »

Sophie Garnier, the president.

The town council was conquered by the proposal, and the land was available from September 2021.

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“If the city council immediately joined the idea, the same thing happened among the members. Since the renovation, the club has had many very positive comments. He also finds in his staff former members, who left for different personal reasons, who were attracted to the new lands. »

The club president

The venue also attracts new members who have come to enroll in tennis since the renovations. Thus, the number of members has increased from 111 in the 2020/2021 season around 150 this season with a 100% re-registration fee!

This work was also an engine of change, as in addition to the floors, the club did the exterior lighting of the two fields. This offered new possibilities for teaching: to organize classes on a “plateau”. This allows the club’s teacher, Kévin Manavian, to take more people to class, spread over two camps.

Thoiry Tennis Club

Thoiry Tennis Club President Christophe Adam.
Thoiry Tennis Club President Christophe Adam. (© Jehan-Jacques Peyre / 78actu)

A new covered court, emerged from the field in the middle of the Covid period, has completed the equipment of the TC Thoiry, and on this occasion, the club has acquired an access control system to all its facilities.

“The design of this indoor track led our steering committee to think about the access control system. NEOP offers a system that connects directly to the FFT Ten’up application. Composed of a 3G chip, the lock is connected. The operation is fluid and self-managed, which was a real advantage when choosing the supplier. »

The president of the club, Christophe Adam

When you book Ten’Up, you receive an ephemeral access code directly by email.

Very pleased with the installation and availability of the company when needed, TC Thoiry has extended this system to its two outdoor plots. Previously, the club had a punched card system called the “classic”. With some problems with individualization and organization, the club was motivated to install a self-managed system.

In addition to its advantages of installation and operation, the access control system was quickly adopted by users who are now very comfortable with it.

Fully satisfied with this reliable system, TC Thoiry is now making the most of this new product and recommends it. Its goal is to reach 150 members So it should be possible to start from next season!

Tennis USM Rocquencourt

The tennis section of the Union Sportive Municipale de Rocquencourt in charge the lighting of two exterior tracks from whom the surface of dirt synthetic allows you to play at all times.

“At first, the increase in the number of members of our club had led us to consider the construction of a new indoor track, but the project was rejected by the architects of the Historic Monuments. Indeed, we had considered this additional indoor track because there were so many requests for adult tennis lessons, and we didn’t want to saturate the indoor courts with the risk of preventing our “free practice” members from playing.

Its president, Joël Malige.

The club has come up with a solution for increase accommodation capacity and optimize the number of playing hours of the members, with the lighting of the two outdoor courts, to be able to play until 11 pm all year round.

LED lighting it has the dual advantage of limiting the cost of electricity, and limiting outdoor lighting. “This equipment has made us gain members,” we told the club. The tracks are made of synthetic clay since 2017, which allows you to play even when it rains!

The club eventually opted for the roof of an existing track. The problem of lack of places to meet the growing demand among adults remains. Of the 500 members, 570 are today.

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