Welcome to the “May of Languages”

In France, the 7th edition of Language Week took place from 4 to 8 April 2022 across the country, this event was based on the motto “Living Europe, opening up to the world”. For its part, the French teaching network abroad is launching the second edition of “Mai des Langues”, which also aims to make foreign languages ​​discovered and experienced. With establishments more often immersed in non-French-speaking environments, this event naturally reinforces the opening of institutes, schools and colleges to their extracurricular environment.

An extension of Language Week

In 2020, when many schools had to launch distance learning in the context of the pandemic, students and teachers were often forced to continue their Language Week-related projects beyond of the initial calendar. The end result has been worthy of the collective effort, and this gave the management of AEFE the idea of ​​going further, from 2021, adding to the national event, a variation of the establishments of outside France: the “May of Languages”. ”.

Examples of Mai des Langues creations 2021 © AEFE

Taking advantage of this monthly breadth, teaching and administrative staff can allow even more creativity and sharing between languages ​​and countries in the network. As a reminder, the AEFE-approved establishments are present in 138 countries, a wealth that Olivier Brochet has decided to share with all 138,000 students in the network.

The AEFE inaugurates this year (2020) “The May of Languages” to celebrate the linguistic richness of the French educational network abroad and to allow even more creativity and sharing.
Language teaching and multilingual education are supported by a proactive policy of the Agency. In fact, the teaching of French and a language of the host country, complemented by the learning of at least two other modern languages, are at the heart of the French educational project abroad. They participate in the excellence of the establishments, contribute to the open-mindedness of the students and open the doors to the best higher education, thus satisfying the expectations of the families. (…)

Olivier Brochet on the AEFE website in May 2020

To fulfill these ambitions, the teachers-trainers have developed an interactive digital medium to propose projects and exhibit the productions within their establishment but also through the network to share them with other students or discover the ideas of their classmates. another country.

Stimulate children

As usual, the Agency has involved students in the development of the event, which will take place throughout the month of May.

Thus, to officially launch this 2022 edition, the organizers offered students a unique poster contest to better illustrate what the spirit of “May of Languages” represents.
The students were creative and gave free rein to their imagination to express what inspires them to multilingualism on the net. 283 posters from 38 establishments were submitted to a jury vote, made up of an internal AEFE commission. They selected the creation of a talented 9th grade student at Saint-Exupéry College in Rabat, Morocco.

May 2022 Language Poster © AEFE

In addition to meeting all the criteria of the competition, such as the use of the graphic kit provided and respect for the theme of the show, the jury has especially valued the hand-drawn design, its softly bathed atmosphere, thanks to the light. and the little characters who want to be welcomed.

While waiting to discover the contributions of young expatriates and their peers throughout the month of May, you can check out some testimonials from the 2021 edition below.

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