War in Ukraine, Covid-19 … On the Canal, long months of waiting to receive your new car

Baptiste Marcelin, Aubert Volvo’s sales representative, laments the lack of visibility on the highly volatile delivery times at the moment. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER / La Manche Press)

“In awaiting delivery “. From the entrance from concession, the message is announced. A Aubert Volvo as in all dealerships, the time limit for the delivery of a new car extends from the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the covid crisis.

“Today I am selling a car that will be available in September. Four days later, the time period changes to November, and one day later, it may reach December. We have no visibility. »

Marcellin the Baptistthe commercial sphere

Seconds brands and concessions, the delay may come up to 18 months.

Complete order books

Difficult in these terms of to survive. Concessions are paid upon delivery of the vehicles. “Obviously, without the delivery of the vehicles, there is none monetary income ! We recorded up to -40% turnover during the quarter “, he laments seller.

Even in these conditions, sales continue to follow. “It simply came to our notice then. This week, for example, we have 38% increase to take orders. It’s almost the most outrageous, the order books are full “, argues Baptiste Marcelin.

without parts

If the shortage of semiconductors creates a problem in the manufacture of new vehicles, it is also a problem in garages. “For example, it takes three weeks to get an electronic handbrake button. And without it, the technical control does not happen! explains William Pertuis, head of used vehicles at Aubert.

An impact on the second hand market

Fortunately, according to factories, the dealer manages to get a few vehicles delivered to him. But delivery rates don’t keep up, and they do random.

“Sometimes we receive factory messages to explain that they will not deliver five models, for example. This is problematic. Here are three of the five models on display. But I can’t deliver them, but I don’t have any more models to expose, so I don’t have any more tools to work with. »

Marcellin the Baptist

In the second-hand section of Aubert, the name vehicles offered for sale decreases too.

“Between the customers who refer to this market and the changes that are no longer made, we now spend more than half of our time looking for vehicles,” explains William Pertuis, the manager. Before, I was even allowed to sell them in garages! »

In the face of strong demand, price to increase. “Today, on average, a used vehicle is sold 1,500 to 2,000 euros more expensive ”, explains the person in charge of used vehicles. All that is rar it is expensive as the saying goes.

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Interview with Valéry Lecoutour, President of the Cherbourg Dealers Association.

Valéry Lecoutour is the director of Garages du Rond-Point and also president of the Cherbourg Distributors Association.  It paints a pretty bleak picture of the car market.
Valéry Lecoutour is the director of Garages du Rond-Point and also president of the Cherbourg Distributors Association. It paints a pretty bleak picture of the car market. (© La Presse de la Manche)

News: According to registration figures, the car market fell by almost 20% in March nationally and compared to last year. What’s up with car dealerships in Cherbourg?

Valery Lecoutour: It’s catastrophic. The problem is the same for all brands. At all dealerships, order books are full, but there is a 6 to 9 month wait to get a new car. In my 30 years as a distributor, I have never experienced such a situation. It is very frustrating to have orders that cannot be obeyed.

How do you explain this situation?

NAV: We no longer have a car because there are no more electronic parts. They are all made in Asia, and with Covid and the confinement of Chinese cities like Shanghai, it is impossible to get these components. Unfortunately, there are some in all cars and in many parts, such as the gearbox …

How long has this situation lasted? Is it simply because of the health crisis?

NAV: The crisis began in 2021 but has worsened with the new Covid wave sweeping China and especially the confinement of entire cities. It is now very difficult to get new cars, and this is reflected in the second hand market. Given the delivery times, people backed down in this market. The problem is that many people have opted for the occasion, and this market is also fueled by the recovery of new cars. It is the snake that bites its own tail.

Do you see a way out of the crisis?

NAV: Not really. To this Asian health crisis is added the war in Ukraine, which translates into an increase in raw materials. Steel in particular has risen, and is reflected in the price of new cars. Prices rose 2%. Finally, very quickly there will be a problem with 100% electric cars. To make them, you need rare metals for batteries. They are becoming more and more difficult to find and there is a risk that they will run out very quickly if the market takes up too much space. But this time, it’s no surprise, we knew the fountain would dry out very quickly. The consequences of all this will be dramatic. We are coming out of two difficult years and we are once again sinking into a series of problems. That’s not our case yet, but distributors need to separate from employees, put them in partial unemployment. But this time, there is no more state aid … Some concessions are really pending.

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