the largest sales in the first quarter of 2022 in China

Enthusiasm for electric cars in China is undeniable. In a market that grew by almost 7% during the quarter, its sales volume more than doubled.

Just over 1.1 million plug-in cars were sold. This represents 21.3% of total sales, a record. With plug as the volume also includes plug-in hybrids. But these models now account for just 5% of the volume. With the advent of new models, range extension technology accounts for just under 4% of the NEV market (New energy vehicle). Therefore, more than 90% are electric with battery (BEV – Electric vehicle with battery).

Remember that forecasts show an electricity market of more than 5 million during the year in China. The first quarter is on this trajectory as these 1.1 million do not take into account either public services or imports.

Especially because this result was achieved with a month of March marked by confinements in large cities such as Shanghai or Shenzhen. With a strong impact on consumption, but also on production: Tesla, Wuling, Volkswagen, SAIC in Shanghai, BYD in Shenzhen …

Electric car sales in China in the first quarter of 2022

Less than 20% for foreign manufacturers

In this volume, Chinese manufacturers are in a dominant position. 80% of electric cars sold bear the local brand logo. This leaves only a small share of sales for foreign manufacturers.

BYD, which has now switched entirely to plug-in hybrid or electric models, is the number one electricity market with more than one in four sales. It is in line with its ambition to surpass the million mark this year and will have more than doubled its sales in two years. Throughout the market, BYD is now the fifth and especially the second Chinese brand behind Changan, but ahead of Geely.

Tesla is a second close. The American brand places its Model Y at the forefront of SUV sales, all categories combined (electric or not, etc.), in March and throughout the quarter. Quite a success, as it surpasses the classic representatives of the segment such as the Haval H6, but also by far the models of high-end German brands. So, it sells 3 times more than a GLC … and 70 times more than the EQC! Tesla also exported 73,874 cars during the quarter, including only 60 in March. China currently accounts for almost a quarter of Tesla’s revenue.

Wuling with his only Hongguang Mini EV takes the third step of the podium ahead of Chery and Aion (GAC group). Volkswagen continues to make progress with its ID sales, but is still a long way from the peaks.

Xpeng continues to benefit from the good results of its P7 sedan to remain the number one Chinese startup ahead of Leading Ideal and Neta. Nio is only the 4th start-up and the 12th brand in the ranking.

We note that major Chinese groups have been largely updated with start-ups, sometimes with dedicated brands such as Aion or Ora, but not always because Changan or Cher are well represented. However, three major groups are far behind: Geely, FAW and Dongfeng. The latter is present in the ranking, especially with the city car EX1. But the reported volumes also include exports, so the volumes of electric vehicles sold in Europe under the name Dacia Spring …

BMW, Mercedes or Audi are only figurative, and their volumes are mainly made up of plug-in hybrid models. EQC, eTron or iX3 have clearly not found their audience in China.

TOP 20 by brands
Volume Q1 2022 Market share
(NEV market)
BYD 284,669 25.11%
You are here 108,300 9.55%
Wuling (SAIC-GM) 106,721 9.41%
chery 49,978 4.41%
Aion (GAC) 44,874 3.96%
Volkswagen 36,427 3.21%
Xpeng 34,561 3.05%
Ora (Great Wall) 33,754 2.98%
Ideal leader 31,716 2.80%
Changan 30,519 2.69%
Net 30152 2.66%
Nio 25,768 2.27%
Roewe (SAIC) 23,901 2.11%
Jump engine 21,579 1.90%
Dongfeng 18,989 1.67%
Geometry 18,126 1.60%
Toyota 17,327 1.53%
Sehol (JAC) 13,130 1.16%
BMW 11,629 1.03%
MG (SAIC) 10,547 0.93%

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is still on top

With more than 100,000 units sold during the quarter, the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV remains the best-selling electric car in China. It accounts for almost one in 10 sales. It is the best-selling car in March and only second in the quarter behind the Nissan Sylphy.

There is a good group take of BYD with 5 models in the Top 10, including the good debut of the Dolphin city car.

The Leading Ideal One remains the best-selling model of a Chinese start-up, ahead of the Xpeng P7 and the Neta V.

Apart from Tesla, the first non-Chinese car is the Toyota C-HR with 13,868 units.

In terms of Volkswagen’s ambitions, the ID.4 duo (Crozz and X) represents 14,729 sales. ID.6 is at 6,448. ID.3, which is in a slow segment, made up 4,434 units during the quarter.

Consolation for Geely, the success of the Zeekr 001 was delivered to over 8,000 copies in the 1st quarter.

TOP 50 for models Volume Q1 2022 Market share
(NEV market)
Wuling Hongguang Mini EV (BEV) 106,721 9.41%
Tesla Model Y (BEV) 74,681 6.59%
BYD Qin Plus (BEV) 70,985 6.26%
BYD song (BEV) 70 207 6.19%
BYD Han (BEV + PHEV) 34,430 3.04%
Tesla Model 3 (BEV) 33,619 2.97%
Leading Ideal One (REEV) 31,716 2.80%
BYD Dolphin (BEV) 29,668 2.62%
BYD Tang (BEV + PHEV) 29 111 2.57%
Chery QQ Ice Cream (BEV) 28113 2.48%
Changan Benben (BEV) 26,174 2.31%
Chery eQ1 Little Ant (BEV) 21,387 1.89%
Good Cat Time (BEV) 19,460 1.72%
Xpeng P7 (BEV) 19,427 1.71%
Dongfeng EX1 (BEV) 18,989 1.67%
Aion Y (BEV) 18,900 1.67%
Net V (BEV) 18,677 1.65%
Aion S (BEV) 17.227 1.52%
BYD Yuan Plus (BEV) 16,542 1.46%
BYD Yuan (BEV) 13,888 1.22%
Toyota C-HR (BEV) 13,868 1.22%
Salt T03 (BEV) 13,767 1.21%
Nio ES6 (BEV) 13,620 1.20%
Black Cat Time (BEV) 12,651 1.12%
Sehol E10X (BEV) 12,012 1.06%
Net U (BEV) 11,475 1.01%
Xpeng P5 (BEV) 10,486 0.92%
Roewe Clever (BEV) 10100 0.89%
Aeolus E70 (BEV) 10,039 0.89%
Caixa Lingbao (BEV) 9,216 0.81%
Roewe Ei5 (BEV) 8,602 0.76%
Zeekr 001 (BEV) 8,241 0.73%
Geometry A (BEV) 8,227 0.73%
Nissan Sylphy (BEV) 7,997 0.71%
Aion V (BEV) 7,949 0.70%
Geely Emgrand (BEV) 7,905 0.70%
Salt C11 (BEV) 7,791 0.69%
VW ID.4 Crozz (BEV) 7,757 0.68%
Nio EC6 (BEV) 7,644 0.67%
Baojun Kiwi EV (BEV) 7,298 0.64%
Buick Velote 6 (BEV) 7,062 0.62%
VW ID.4 X (BEV) 6,972 0.61%
BYD e2 (BEV) 6,951 0.61%
Mercedes E-Class (PHEV) 6,256 0.55%
BJEV UE (BEV) 6.111 0.54%
Forthing Joyear S50 (BEV) 6,072 0.54%
BMW 5 Series (PHEV) 5,943 0.52%
Venucia D60 (BEV) 5,795 0.51%
BMW iX3 (BEV) 5,684 0.50%

There is always room for electric sedans

During the first quarter of the year, SUVs accounted for more than half of sales in the Chinese market. A record level. In the particular segment of the electric car, the sedan still has some space, as it still accounts for 57.5% of the volume. The SUV is only 41.95% despite a wider offer. The minivan is limited to a minimum of only 0.5%.

Electric car sales in China in the first quarter of 2022: by bodywork

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