The Carlili app is available for renting a car at the bottom of your home

If you live in a big city like Paris or Lyon (or nearby), you probably know that the future of the car is next to rent. While the services are multiplied with diverse and varied offers, Carlili has opted for ease of use. Instead of offering terminals or dedicated car parks where to pick up the car, the service made in France will deliver the vehicle to your door on the date you want and will pick it up whenever you want. Whether it’s going away for the weekend, moving house or something else, Carlili wants to make your life easier. Better yet, the startup launched in 2015 and which has just raised 24 million euros to expand to major French cities already has an iPhone app.

How does Carlili work?

A competitor of Virtuo, Ubeeqo, Getaround (which Drivy bought), Toosla and others, Carlili is therefore committed to simplicity for its customers. We start by choosing the delivery address (and the return address if different), before selecting a vehicle from the city ​​car a monovolum going through the electric car (You are here). Then, if necessary, options such as the mileage package, fuel upgrade, child seats, or insurance are adjusted before making the payment.

Then your reservation is made, all you have to do is send your ID and your driver’s license with a photo of them to complete your account. It is simple and efficient, and very flexible, as you can choose to receive the car any day of the year, from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm and even to adjust your options during the rental period. Please note that in the delivery, as in the return of the car, of course there is an inventory that is made with the car keeper, a person from Carlili who is in charge of all the logistics. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Alexander from the newsroom, who has been using the service for some time, immediately downloaded the application. Prices start at € 35 per day roughly for a Fiat 500 (decreasing price if you book several days in a row), and still reasonable if you want something bigger.

In order not to spoil anything, in addition to the simplified rent to the maximum, renting with Carlili means making a gesture for the environment.

Carlili application header

Carlili’s new identity

The Carlili app in detail

Although the platform has been around since 2015, it will take some time to reach the App Store. For a few days, the iOS application has allowed to go even further in the experience thanks to an optimized interface that has also ushered in a new, more colorful graphic identity. We appreciate the small discreet animations and the presence of the types of stickers that mark the course.

In less than a minute, you can book a vehicle in the Carlili app. It’s even faster than on-site, thanks in part to Face ID (or Touch ID) for connecting. Once you’ve chosen a model and rental terms, the app allows you to manage and modify your reservations, add an ID, add a co-driver, view your bill, or even get help.

capture of the carlili app

On the occasion of the launch and before all our colleagues addressed the issue, we spoke with Carlili’s director of operations, Telma Valadao, who spoke to us about the offer and the future of the service:

At Carlili we want it to be easier not to have a car than to have one. We believe that the only way to achieve this is to create a rental experience that is unmatched in its simplicity, through our technology and a frictionless user experience.

We explore new solutions every day to help our users choose the ideal vehicle, to adapt every detail of their reservation for a tailor-made experience, which they will then be able to enjoy without the slightest headache! And now with our Tesla offering, our users can safely take a 100% electric rental.

According to Telma, the launch of the iPhone application is a real success, a long-standing request from users. And not to be jealous of anyone, the Android version is already in the process.

After a first version finally available, know that Carlili is already planning many short-term evolutions of the application with features always designed for and around the customer:

  • Personalization of your reservation (adjust the number of kilometers, change the insurance, add / modify your options),
  • Vehicle handling assistance
  • Vehicle inventory made by customers independently
  • Tutorials and explanatory videos to help you get started with your vehicle
  • Open and close the vehicle with a digital key
  • Share virtual keys with all additional drivers
  • One-click booking based on rental preferences
  • Real-time Carsitter tracking

Finally, here’s an (old) video that illustrates the service well:

As always, we let you discover a new app before everyone else. To download Carlili, it’s free and here it is:

Download the free app carli

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