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New variants with higher cloud performance and simplified one-touch management.

Tata Communications International Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of global digital ecosystem activator Tata Communications Ltd, today announced improved variants of the WAN Internet IZO ™ for global companies.

With predictable and reliable network services, offering access to more than 150 geographic areas, WAN IZO ™ Internet offers high-quality Internet services, consistent networking experiences with a variety of service options, including high-quality Internet speed. It now allows seamless transfer of data from branches to data centers, branches to clouds, and through multiple clouds for businesses. Companies can then easily and quickly manage their global and regional networks.

New variants are being launched for companies in the markets of North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland and Asia and the Pacific.Tata Communications WAN IZO ™ The Internet is suitable for companies introducing cloud services to their existing network and computing architecture, and for companies looking to expand their global reach in a cost-effective way into new markets. IZO ™ WAN Internet is aimed at all industries such as Manufacturing, IT, ITeS, Services, Retail, BFSI, etc. IZO ™ WAN Internet, launched in 2014, is the world’s first predictable and reliable Internet.

“We have listened carefully to our international clients and for them the guarantee of activity time is essential. Therefore, our goal has always been to provide a quality and highly available Internet. We have expanded our global reach, added service variants from broadband Internet access to meet the different business needs of customers, and ensured compliance with cross-border regulations so that businesses can have a predictable Internet and reliable to conduct your business. We have simplified operations and management, and improved the experience of our customers in all regions of the world. “says Song Toh, vice president of global network services at Tata Communications.

“IZO ™ Tata Communications’ WAN Internet allows us to focus on our core business while improving the efficiency of our employees. In addition, greater availability enhances our experience. In today’s world, where companies are moving workloads to the clouds, first to the cloud, market offerings like dedicated internet or broadband, lack of guaranteed performance, running time and fast food is becoming a critical hurdle. for any company. And Tata Communications is helping to meet this vital need at a very opportune time for our business. “says Øystein Eide, vice president, head of cloud infrastructure, DNV AS.

Gartner predicts that growing deployment of mission-critical cloud applications will drive 30% of global businesses to use enhanced Internet services by 2023, compared to less than 1% in 2020.

“Companies are increasingly relying on priority business traffic to Internet connections. To support these activities, the business Internet experience must be reliable, predictable, and perfect. IZO ™ Tata Communications’ WAN Internet aims to deliver consistently high performance between broadband Internet endpoints and cloud services, as a widely available and reliable service option.confirms Brian Washburn, Omdia’s director of research, business services and wholesalers.

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Part of the Tata Group, Tata Communications (NSE: TATACOMM; BSE: 500483) is a global digital ecosystem facilitator that drives the current fast-growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories. As a trusted leader, it enables the digital transformation of companies globally through collaboration and connection solutions, basic and next-generation connectivity, cloud hosting, security solutions and multimedia services. 300 of Fortune’s 500 companies are customers and the company connects businesses with 80% of the world’s cloud giants. For more information, visit www.tatacommunications.com

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