Revaluation of pensions and the index point of civil servants

On May 1, section A retirement pensions increased by 2% and the value of the local civil service index point by 1.5 points.

Minutes of the Council of Ministers:

2% increase in retirement pensions (section A)

In the current context of rising cost of living and with the aim of supporting the purchasing power of the beneficiaries of the pension scheme of salaried workers in French Polynesia known as “tranche A” and following the favorable opinion of the Council of Administration of the Caisse. de Prévoyance Sociale (CPS) at its meeting on Tuesday 19 April 2022, the Council of Ministers approved an exceptional revision of + 2% of retirement pensions and other retirement benefits provided for by the retirement scheme, from of May 1, 2022.

This measure affects more than 33,000 full-time or reserve pensioners. As a reminder, the last revaluation of retirement pensions dates back to 2018 with an increase rate of + 0.5%, as an indication, the annual amount of this aid supported by the pension branch amounts to about 500 million cfp for 2022 and for a total year up to 800 million cfp.

Hydrocarbon prices on May 1, 2022

According to the government’s commitment, oil prices will not revalue on May 1, 2022 despite a sharp acceleration in oil prices, mainly due to supply constraints.

The Hydrocarbon Price Regulation Fund (FRPH) will provide about CFA 1,238 million to keep the prices of all hydrocarbons at their current level.

This intervention will allow all households and the economic sector to avoid the current increases in the price of gasoline and diesel.

As a reminder, the price of petrol at the pump in French Polynesia is 146 cfp against 167.3 cfp in New Caledonia and, on average, 215 cfp per liter in mainland France. Thanks to the intervention of the FRPH, unleaded petrol in the pump is therefore 47% cheaper than in mainland France and 15% cheaper than in New Caledonia.

Organization of health days

At the initiative of the Minister of Finance and Economy, in charge of Energy, Generalized Social Protection, the Coordination of Government Action and Telecommunications, and the Minister of Health in charge of Prevention, the Health Day will be held on Friday 6 May. . From 8:30 to 12 in the Presidency of French Polynesia.

These meetings, expected from social workers, will be an opportunity to present an analysis of the health status of the Polynesian population, the existing care offer and its evolution for better care.

They will allow us to collectively define a strategic vision for the future of our healthcare model. To meet this challenge, experts, professional organizations and unions, elected officials, leaders of medical and paramedical structures, department heads – all those who do and think about health – will work together to share their findings and formulate operational solutions.

Increase in the value of the index 100 applicable to the index grids of the public service of French Polynesia

During the opening of the first session of the special session of the Assembly of Polynesia on March 22, 2022, the President of French Polynesia presented several measures to cushion the inflationary effect of the war in Ukraine that is provoking a price explosion that affects the country. .

Among these measures, the president announced salary increases that include a 1.5-point increase in the index point of French Polynesian civil servants from May 1, 2022.

The CM decree of 26 September 2019 sets the value of the index from 100 to 1015 from 1 November 2019 and constitutes the last revaluation of the value of the point used to calculate the remuneration of civil servants.

The general civil service status of French Polynesia provides that ” [l]The Council of Ministers sets the value of the index 100 used to calculate remuneration […] after consulting with the trade unions representing the civil service of French Polynesia “.

The trade unions representing the civil service of French Polynesia were consulted on April 5, 2022.

Thus, the Council of Ministers has decided to set the value of the index 100 at 1030, ie 103,000 cfp from May 1, 2022. This represents an approximate cost of 227,200,000 cfp over the general budget. of the financial year 2022 and 340,080 cfp for the financial year 2022. Financial year 2023.

Presentation of the General Table of Professional Activities (TAPG)

Deploying local employment protection is a priority action. To move forward as soon as possible, it has been proposed to break down the start of the local employment promotion and protection mechanism enacted on 5 November 2019 into 6 actions. As a reminder, the 6 actions were as follows:

1. The adoption by the Council of Ministers of a change in the composition of the Tripartite Consultative Commission on Local Employment (CTEL),

2. The convening of the first meeting of the CTEL to discuss the characteristics of the General Table of Professional Activities (TAPG),

3. The adoption by the Council of Ministers of the characteristics of the TAPG,

4. The implementation of the TAPG commissioned by the Employment, Training and Professional Integration Service (SEFI),

5. CTEL consultations to propose jobs to be protected on the basis of the TAPG adopted and employment and training statistics in French Polynesia,

6. Approval by the Council of Ministers of the list of protected jobs and the corresponding levels of protection. In accordance with this plan, the Council of Ministers adopted the modification of the composition of the CTEL on March 30, 2022 (action 1).

Then, with regard to the labor code which provides that ” […]an order issued by the Council of Ministers determines the characteristics of the TAPG, after consultation with the local tripartite employment advisory committee. » the CTEL met on Tuesday 19 April to gather the opinion of the members of this commission for the determination of the constituent elements of the TAPG (action 2).

Thus, the Council of Ministers has acted today on action 3 concerning the adoption of the characteristics of the TAPG.

The vast majority of the members of the commission recognized the need to adopt elements of the TAPG that allow to identify the sectors of activity and trades.

To do this, it has been agreed that the TAPG will integrate the NAF standard and the ROME code.

The ROMA classifies the professional activities carried out by individuals and the NAF classifies the economic activities carried out by companies that employ individuals. A restaurant (economic activity of restoration) can employ people who have trades related to the restoration, but also people who carry out other types of trades (a distributor, whose trade belongs to the commercial family “transport and logistics” ).

In contrast, a transport company (economic activity “transport and storage”) can hire a cook (work in the professional family “hotel, restaurant, tourism, leisure and entertainment”) if it wants to offer a catering service to its staff.

Taking into account the unanimous opinion of the CTEL on the need to have statistics to identify the sectors of activity and the professions in order to start the debate on the protection of the workplace, it was found that the TAPG contains the characteristics next:

· The sectors of activity according to the NAF standard,

· The description of the trades according to the ROMA coding.

This description will be broken down into three columns: Family of trades, ROME degree and specific title.

This presentation will provide a better understanding of the map of recruitment in French Polynesia.

Calendar of the main sporting and youth events in the country

The great sporting and youth events of the country play an undeniable and important social and economic role for the territory.

The Institute of Youth and Sports of French Polynesia (IJSPF) has the following mission, in support of the sports and youth movement (co-organization): “To give financial aid to the associations, in the conditions determined by the board of directors;

· provide financial, technical and logistical assistance in the framework of the organization of major sporting or youth events of territorial interest and, more generally, to all sports or youth organizations;

· co-organize with any group recognized by French Polynesia, major sporting or youth events; (…) ” Through this system, the organizers can thus benefit from the financial, material and technical assistance of the establishment.

In addition, the country’s support for these organizations initiated by the association movement is essential to ensure the sustainability of these events and encourage innovation by new project managers.

The Ministry of Youth, in charge of Sports, promotes the organization and celebration of major sporting and youth events because they not only help to revitalize the associative fabric but also to support the strategic orientations of the country, in terms of social and economic cohesion. . development.

With this act, the Government expresses its willingness to provide financial support for these events, the media impact of which will promote the wealth and image of the country.

It will participate in the improvement of the quality of life, as well as in the education for the citizenship of the population, through the values ​​that they transmit.

In this context, the IJSPF Co-organizing Committee met for the second time, on Wednesday 13 April 2022, to include 10 additional events in the 2022 Calendar of the country’s major sporting and youth events.

In short, 36 sporting and youth events will benefit from the support of the Government through the co-organization mechanism for this year 2022. The budget for this mechanism amounts to 110,000,000 cfp. Service

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