Generation Star Wars & Science-Fiction 2022: the program and a guide

Next weekend will be the biggest French convention dedicated to our saga, but not only! Here is also a brief summary of the party program for this 2022 edition of Star Wars and science fiction generation.

We remind you that during the convention you will be able to attend conferences and performances, meet guests, participate in a cosplay contest and a question and answer contest, browse stores to get rid of your valuable credits (Republican, Imperial, everything is accepted). ).

All in all, there is a lot to do, especially when you look at the list of different guests and activities that are offered during these two days. Some names:

  • Richard Brakeknown for his role as an imperial officer Valin Hess en The Mandalorian (and by the way The King of the Night in the series Game of Thrones);
  • Silas Carsonhaving embodied the Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi but also the separatist Nute Gunray ;
  • Angus Macinnes who acted as a pilot Jon Gold, Vander leader ;
  • Cavan Scottone of the pillars of The High Republic ;
  • Magali Villeneuvewhose drawings serve as the cover of the second trilogy Thrown away etc

As for conferences again, they hurt us:

But with this program you can’t know where to go, but don’t panic here is a little guide to get out of it.

So put on your best walking shoes, put on your most comfortable backpack (with your copies of Growing chaosof the storm etc), fill your bottle with water, we’re done.

On Saturday, the convention opens its doors at 10 am, we advise you to be punctual to pass the points of entry quietly and once inside go to the bookstore to buy. Thrawn ancestry, common good, available in preview and in limited quantities. This is clearly the first action that will be taken over the weekend to ensure the copy of the book (which will be published on next May 12).

And while you’re at it, you can also buy the first manga volumes in preview Star Wars The High Republic a fragile balance i Star Wars Lost Stars from the publisher Nobi-nobi! and which will be released in the rest of France next May 4th.

Once this is done, depending on your wishes and the availability of the guests, you can take advantage of the fact that you are in the library area to have your copies of Thrawn the Ancestry of Magali Villeneuve, as well as the storm and the comics of the High Republic by Cavan Scott. We take this opportunity to thank you Lucile Galliot for their work and the arrival of these guests.

If you manage to do all of this before 11 a.m. (you can return for sign-up later), we recommend that you attend the conference at Muse Miniature and Cinema activated Phil Tippett. Otherwise, take the opportunity to visit the park a bit to see the various visitors in costume, but also the large space of shops to enjoy the view and also take part in the big draw.

In short, take a walk and eat up 1 p.m. and the Star Wars Universe Conference which will make a point of news about the saga. Or so of direction the lecture by the publisher Delcourt that despite the loss of the Star Wars license will be offered to return to its catalog (who knows you may want to read again).

At 2 p.m. don’t hesitate, that’s it Pocket Imaginary Conference who will present the program for the next releases for 2022 but also for 2023. But he will also take advantage of the presence of Cavan Scott to talk about his work in The High Republic and answers a few questions.

Encadem 3 p.m. with the Panini Comics Conference to take stock of his upcoming news, both for Canon but also for the Legends releases.

By the end of Saturday, the choice is wide, attend the live Star Wars missionparticipate in Padawan Contest (if you have children) or walk around the place and in particular go see the creating a Star Wars graffiti

For sunday the program is less busy and we recommend choosing the 2 conferences 1 p.m. a a French superheroes (to give reading ideas) and the other on the question of adaptation of lightsaber combat to reality.

At 2 can attend a question and answer session with the guest actors. The opportunity to learn anecdotes from filming.

At 3’s time to go see the second conference in the Star Wars universe with a controversial topic find out if Boba Fett is excessive or not (depending on which version of the character we are talking about).

Finally, if you still have the strength and time to return, 4 p.m.there is the jedi contest and so much to tell you that the level of this competition is very very high, so we hope you have reviewed it well.

That’s all for this little guide that you don’t need to follow, after all you are free and there are many things to do and many people to know.

Star Wars and the 2022 Science Fiction Generationis the April 30 and 1er May 2022from 10 am to 6 pm on both days, the Espai Chambon in the town of Cusset, and that admission is free.

Good convention to all.

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