A 24th Challenge OSEntreprendre Lanaudière under the sign of cr

More than $ 33,000 in scholarships awarded to entrepreneurs and students

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Honorary president of the regional event, Pascale Coutu is overseen by Christian Goulet, prefect of the MRC of D’Autray and mayor of Lavaltrie, and Jean-François Dupuis, director general of Lanaudière Économique.

Innovative and creative projects, such as a strong entrepreneurial community that wants to give a bite to the economic recovery, especially marked the regional final of the OSntreprendre Lanaudière Challenge. More than $ 33,000 in scholarships were awarded.

In the “School”, “Business Creation”, “Success Inc.” sections and “Doing Business Together”, no less than 18 winning projects stood out for their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and values. They are now moving on to the final stage, the national final of the OSEntreprendre Challenge, which will take place next June.


In addition to the special awards offered through the collaboration of numerous national and regional partners, more than $ 33,000 in scholarships were awarded to new entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and students.

For Pascale Coutu, co-owner of La Courgerie de Sainte-Élisabeth and honorary president of the regional event, the Challenge has a positive influence on the participants ’journey. Whether it’s my involvement in setting up my business or when I had the opportunity to be among the finalists in the ‘Success Inc’ category, I’ve always benefited positively from my experiences in the Challenge. “Entrepreneurship, encounters and reflections that have made me excited,” he said.

Despite the limitations related to the management of the pandemic in schools and among entrepreneurs, Lanaudière is proud to have generated 77 projects presented in the “School” component, 51 in the “Business Creation” component, four in the “Success Inc.” and 21 projects in the “Let’s do business together” component.

If the Lanaudière Challenge has become a necessity to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, it is thanks to the close collaboration that has been maintained for several years between education and business.

Remember that Lanaudière Économique has been the responsible organization in the region for 12 years. Host to this year’s regional final, D’Autray’s MRC has worked closely to coordinate the long-awaited event.

Pierre-de-Lestage High School in Berthierville hosted the presentation night on Tuesday, April 26th. The national final will take place on June 8 at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec. (PB)


Regional winners

1st cycle of primary school (1st and 2nd year): Clothes Christmas catalog
Saint-Alphonse School (CSS des Samares)

2nd cycle of primary school (3rd and 4th years): Search and find!
Youville School (CSS des Samares)

3rd cycle of primary school (5th and 6th): Creating ecological poufs
Saint-Guillaume School (CSS des Affluents)

Also winner of the online popular vote!

1st cycle of secondary school (1st and 2nd years): The hairy beast, Young coop
Havre-Jeunesse Institute (CSS des Samares)

2nd cycle of secondary school (3rd, 4th, 5th year): Gourmet seasons, Cooperativa Jove
Havre-Jeunesse Institute (CSS des Samares)

Special Secondary Education: Bistro-shop Les sens ciel

Odyssey School (CSS Affluents)

Also winner of the special school perseverance award!

Vocational training and

Adult education: Text-Île Collective clothing

Saint-Gabriel Training Center (CSS des Samares)


Regional winners

Biofood: Alice & Amber Inc. (RCM de Joliette)

Trade: The Insatiable (RCM de Joliette)

Social economy: Pax Habitat Corporation (RCM de Joliette)

Exploitation, processing,
production: The Little Floral Farm (MRC by D’Autray)

Technological innovations and
technique: Fyto inc. (RCM de Joliette)
Frédérik Lafond Lejeune and Gabriel Landry SENC

(MRC of Matawinie)

Business services: Nomad Media (RCM de Montcalm)

Services for individuals: swimming pool (MRC Les Moulins)

Special prize winners

Falling in love with students
Employer: Sport climbing (MRC of Matawinie)

Honorary award for young entrepreneurs: Fyto inc. (RCM de Joliette)

Flexipreneur Award – SADC – CAE Sport climbing (MRC of Matawinie)

Favorite SODIL: Mini AM batteries (RCM de Joliette)

Favorite evolution: Atelier Farda inc. (RCM de Joliette)

Preferred popular vote: Mini AM batteries (RCM de Joliette)


Regional winner: Hélio (MRC by D’Autray)


Regional winner: OClair Environnement (MRC by D’Autray)

Investment Favorite Qc ExploreNaDoom (RCM de Montcalm)

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