Two Haute-Vienne specialists decipher the links between science fiction and metal

One lives in Razès and writes science fiction novels with Oksana (Gil Prou), the other is a pure Limougeaud and runs a digital magazine called alternative or dark music, Obsküre (Emmanuel Hennequin).

.Both are the perfect symbols of the synergies between the world of SF and metal music. . “These links have existed since the late 1960s,” explains Gil Prou. Who knows better what his latest novel is about, A cry in the abyss (like the previous ones, written with Oksana), has a real metal band, 100% female, Konvent, fighting with infernal sound entities (**). Of course, members were asked for permission. Seduced, they gave their consent … andEmmanuel Hennequin accepted the book’s introduction

. “This sound (metal) that wants so much to go beyond the ordinary, could only find in SF and in the fantastic a divinatory and spooky reserve,” writes the preface. “Obviously there is a feeling, a resonance between the sound universe of Konvent and the narration of Gil and Oksana

. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “ “The great fantasy and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock wrote lyrics for the bands Blue Öyster Cult and Hawkwind. The Austrian metal band Summoning is inspired by Tolkien, “explains Gil Prou.” There are many metal bands in Scandinavia, which have been inspired by the rich Scandinavian mythology

»Continues the writer.

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“These links between SF and metal are evident in the 1970s with Black Sabbath, which extracted elements from its universe in SF. The same goes for Iron Maiden, ”says Emmanuel Hennequin.

Given the liveliness of SF literature and metal music, there is no doubt that these synergies will continue to appeal to many fans.

Review created by Emmanuel Hennequin and Nicolas Pingnelain in 2000, on the Internet. It had a paper version between 2012 and 2016, bimonthly, before being 100% digital again. Your consultation is free. In 2007, Obsküre published a beautiful book with the publishing house K-ïnite,

Obsküre Opus I.

(**) Book edited by Rivière Blanche and translated in the United States. Gil Prou ​​and Emmanuel Hennequin have compiled a short, obviously non-exhaustive list of SF-inspired metal albums:
Fire of unknown origin ? Worship of the Blue Oster
Somewhere in time ? Iron Maiden
Operation: Mindcrime ? Queensrÿche
The outer limits ? voivode
Crack the Skye ? Mastodon Frost and Fire i
king of the dead ? Cirith Ungol
You dope to infinity ? Monster magnet In search of space i
Doremi Fasol Latido ? Hawkwind
Dawn of the old mornings ? call
Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the stars ? Blut Aus North
Omega Codex – Septic meat

Traced in the air

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