There are those who are about to leave, who are (almost) sure to stay … The fate of the ministers in question

The Cabinet meeting, which takes place this Thursday, April 28 at 11 am, is probably (except in case of urgency) the last meeting of the current Castex government. And if the first tributes to the tenant of Matignon who will leave his post begin, the fate of the ministers varies according to the profiles.

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There are also three profiles among current members of the government: the quiet ones who are almost certain to stay, the ambitious who expect a better job and the worried ones who know they are almost doomed.

The sequel after the announcement

  • The serene ones: Borne, Denormandie, Le Maire …

Within macronia, some ministers are more serene than others. In particular those who have been cited for several days (or even weeks) to hold the post of Prime Minister. This is the case of the current Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, who has a resume to convert the Prime Minister responsible for Ecology. She was the Cabinet Director of Ségolène Royal for the Environment, then Minister of Ecological Transition (briefly) and Transport. Valued by the unions for theirs “listening quality”he is also popular among the president for his technical skill in files.

For the post of Prime Minister, Julien Denormandie presents himself as a serious competitor. The current Minister of Agriculture, a purebred macronist and pivot of the Mormon band in the middle of the 2017 campaign, ticks a lot of boxes. Already mentioned to replace Edouard Philippe in Matignon in the summer of 2020, this “copy and paste of Macron” could finally have a chance.

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Other heavyweights of the government mostly want to keep their jobs. This is the case of Bruno Le Maire who says and repeats that he would be seen continuing in Bercy. The Minister of Economy and Finance has broken a record of longevity in office and is very convinced that this is an asset for the nation and the President of the Republic. The ministers and secretaries of state surrounding Bercy, with whom he worked smoothly, will see him remain until 2024, when France could support his candidacy for the director general of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Others, like François Bayrou, instead think of him for National Education but the position does not seem to interest him.

Bruno Le Maire, the enchanted macronie

Gerald Darmanin also wants to stay. Your wishes? “Beauvau, Beauvau! », a relative replies. The elected representative of Tourcoing, who had fought for the Ministry of the Interior during the July 2020 reshuffle, would be left in charge, where he leaves his mark.

The sequel after the announcement

  • Those who want more: Attal, Beaune, Lecornu …

Then there are the ambitious ones, the ones who push to get bigger. In particular, the young leader, Gabriel Attal, whose two years as government spokesman, a position nevertheless considered dangerous, made him one of the safest bets of the presidential majority. At 33, his ambition is great. He is sometimes quoted as succeeding Jean-Michel Blanquer rue de Grenelle, or in higher education. The Ministry of Public Accounts could also fall to him. He said discreetly that if he had not been called to the government, he would not have opposed the idea of ​​chairing the Macronist group of deputies.

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We also find Clément Beaune who is one of the few who really has the president’s ear. For someone close to the Secretary of State for European Affairs, a natural position is opened for him: Economy and Finance.

Clément Beaune, the love of macronia

Finally, Sébastien Lecornu, the great friend of Gérald Darmanin and Edouard Philippe, 36, in June, has gradually gained the confidence of the Head of State. The overseas minister, who handled the explosive climate in the West Indies, showed that he was willing to stick to the hot topics. How about getting a better job? Bruno Le Maire’s former collaborator has, in any case, woven many networks between local elected officials and also in culture.

  • The very worried ones: Blanquer, Schiappa, Bachelot …

They’re probably still waiting to be on the president’s ballot papers for the reshuffle but they actually know they’re almost doomed. Chouchou, at the beginning of the five-year term, the Minister of National Education gradually burned his wings, in particular on the management of the health crisis, his tense relationship with the unions and his positions on secularism. According to his colleagues, Jean-Michel Blanquer is “burned”.

The sequel after the announcement

The true appreciation of Jean-Michel Blanquer at the time of disenchantment

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Same problem for TV star Marlène Schiappa. The Minister Delegate for Citizenship is criticized by the Elysee “Doing too much, constantly pushing your neck”according to “the Parisian”.

Finally, Roselyne Bachelot, “Sarkozy war grand prize”disappointed by his absence from the media and should not be renewed.

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