the SF nugget in the multiverse breaks the house at the box office

The new nugget produced by A24, Everywhere All at oncebreaks the house in the United States and competes with the big April blockbusters.

The giant’s gig success at the end of 2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home ($ 200 million budget for nearly $ 1.9 billion in worldwide revenue) recalled the appeal of cinemas … for franchise entertainment movies. In fact, the successes of Unexplored, The Batman i sonic 2in the face of the failures of West Side Story, Nightmare Street and yes The Northman he recalled that there is indeed a rift between unevenly licensed films and big-budget films made by famous screenwriters.

But fortunately, not all major Disney, Sony, or Warner productions systematically win the jackpot, such as the failure of Morbid along with the bad start of Fantastic Beasts 3 he reminded us. In the same way smaller productions still have room to become surprise hitses, as evidenced by the latest creation of the A24 studio that landed in American theaters on March 25: Everywhere All at once.

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A24 everywhere

After a very warm welcome at the South by Southwest festival, the new feature film directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert received a limited release in ten theaters in cities such as New York and Los Angeles. As a reminder, this kind of distribution is a great opportunity for small productions to play the word-of-mouth card without running the risk of an unnecessarily greedy national release.

However, with the big cities dragging on the reopening of their cinemas and the audience mainly interested in the productions in question, especially the elderly, not having fully returned to theaters, The Covid-19 had almost carried such devices to the grave.

But Everywhere All at once recalled the benefits of these limited releases as with its poor 10 theaters, the Daniel-directed film grossed more than $ 501,000 in the first weekend of its release, with an average per theatrical release. about $ 50,000.

Photo by Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis between two Halloween shootings

This is simply the best screen average for a limited release in 2022 and the second best since the pandemic began, just behind Licorice pizza (86000) which did not follow this pace (not surprisingly) when it was launched nationwide. Everywhere All at once meanwhile it managed to consolidate on a larger scale since the feature film premiered nationwide on April 8 and has since grossed more than $ 26 million to date.

The film thus surpasses the success of the A24, Ex Machina (25 million), released in 2014. It should soon be surpassed Moonlight (27 million) and ranks fourth in the highest score of a film at the US box office studio, behind Inheritance (44 million), lady bird (48 million) i Uncut buds (50 million). The movie he even managed to score better than that The secret of the lost city the long weekend time of April 15 (Monday 18 included), thus being among the top 5 against the Fantastic Beasts 3 i sonic 2.

Photo by Stephanie HsuWhen the A24 hits cinemas


Its success is even more amazing because Everywhere All at once is a pure UFO that mixes genres and universes, and that in every sense of the word sincehas fun using the concept of the multiverse from martial arts to fantasy to drama, action and more. From here, things get trickier Spider-Man: No Way Home which attracted viewers after Marvel’s attempts would certainly be a stretch. But obviously the coincidence is fun.

The rave press argument is also quite random, though the film received a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 82/100 on Metacritic. However, word of mouth throughout the feature film seems to have gained momentum since then, according to the polls. PostTrak46% of viewers went to see Everywhere All at once he did so thanks to the positive comments upstream.

Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee CurtisBig screen waiting (impatiently) for the French premiere

We have to add to that an active promotional presence on the Internet denounced by the same PostTrak which accounted for 26% of viewers decided to watch the movie thanks to a trailer on YouTube and 22% to the rest of the network in general, for only 11% thanks to a TV ad. A likely attempt to play on the field of young people aged 18 to 34 who are 70% of viewers who appeared during the week of April 8 in American cinemas.

The A24 production has thus managed to mobilize the age group that has most driven the return to cinemas since reopening. but this time for a completely crazy author journey. Finally, it should be noted that this is the first creation of the studio that has benefited from a part of its exploitation in the Imax network, another way of doing this launch event.

To see how the feature film will survive over time in American theaters, but especially in the world with an upcoming UK release, among others. No release date has been announced for France.

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