Tennis / National Interclubs. Maintenance as the main horizon for ASCAP, Belfort, Gray, Audincourt, Beaucourt and Besançon TC

Three years after the last Interclubs campaign, in 2019, the French team championships resume their rights, for five weekends (May 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29). The nine Franche-Comté teams involved at the national level have to deal with their concerns and many are looking mainly at maintenance. For this, and whatever the division, the last two places must be avoided. Club by club summary.

Male N1

Swimming pool A

The ASM Belfort accepted late, at the end of winter, the FFT’s proposal to access the N1, the third French level. A difficult challenge for Lucas and Thomas Szewczyk (-4/6), Léo Raquin (-2/6), who will not return from the United States until next week, Thibaud Guyon (1/6) and Alexis Collard (2/6 ). 6). The Belfort team will have a first look at what awaits them this Sunday against Forbach, who, to accompany Fassbender (-15) and Focht (0), has a large number of foreign players with a German accent: Ejupovic (n ° 39), Wiesler. (-15) and Schonenberg (-15), in addition to the Belgian Dubail (-15).

The ASMB program: receives Forbach, goes to Asnières, goes to Échirolles, receives Marignane, goes to Quimperlé (2).

Swimming pool C

If the faithful Romanian Alexandru Jecan (No. 61) is only present once during the month of May, the ASCAP he can count on his compatriot Stefan Palosi (No. 79) to do well on the N1.

With Arthur Bouquier (also number 79), Sébastien Boltz (-15) and Imrane Bentekhici, the Montbéliard club is well equipped on paper at the start of its season against TC Illberg, who could potentially present the Spanish Artunedo Martinavarro (n ° 67), the Swiss Marti (-15) and the indestructible Pépé (-2/6) and Steger (0).

The ASCAP program: rep TC Illberg, goes to Valence Epervière, rep Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, goes to Poitiers, rep Monte-Carlo CC.

Male N3

Gallina K

The ASCAP (2) , led by Raphaël Bonnet-Florès (0), is looking for maintenance on the N3. Enzo Fouilloux (2/6), Marwan Haïda-Lamrani (2/6) and Alexis Marcastel (3/6) are expected to launch the campaign this Sunday in Fontenay, facing one of the most playable rivals on paper. The Montbéliardais should then record the return of American student Loris Zisswiller.

The ASCAP program (2): goes to Fontenay, receives Beauvais, goes to Niort, goes to Obernai, receives Lomme.

Male N4

Swimming pool A

the TC Gray has been waiting for this moment since 2019. The two seasons of Covid have postponed their baptism in the French championship and the club Haut-Saônois will have the pleasure to live this Sunday its first meeting on the N4 at home against Rémois of the TC Géo André . A team, certainly homogeneous, but within reach of Sacha Grandvincent (1/6), Emeric Dumont (2/6) and company.

Gray’s program: receives TC Géo André, goes to Les Sables d’Olonne, goes to Grande-Synthe, receives Deuil-la-Barre, goes to Obernai (2).

Gallina M

Without Jakob Kahoun (-4/6) or Mark Burgos (0) for the reception of Creil on Sunday, Audincourt , descended from the N3, will not start the exercise in the best conditions. “Next week will be better …”, predicts captain Patrice Migot.

The Audincourt program: receives Creil, goes to Sarcelles, receives ASPTT Troyes, goes to Tours, receives TC Toulon (2)

female N2

Swimming pool E

The ASCAP will start the season against a Strasbourg lineup on their ropes. With Sopiko Tsitskishvili (-15), the Romanian Georgiana Ruhrig (-4/6), Alexandra Belle (1/6) and the young Norwegian Matylda Burylo (1/6), the Montbéliard women have the means to avoid the last two places.

The ASCAP program: rep Ill TC Strasbourg, goes to Valenciennes, rep Grenoble UC, rep Rouen, goes to Issy-les-Moulibeaux.

Swimming pool G

The only team with Mondeville that did not resort to a cohort of foreign women, the ASM Belfort by Chloé Caravaca (-2/6) warms up as he approaches these Interclubs. Estelle Guisard-Diemer and Lucie Raquin, injured, will not play while Clara Mantaux (1/6), a student from the United States, will miss the first day.

The ASMB program: receives Orleans, goes to Gorron, receives Sarcelles, goes to Méru, receives Mondeville.

Gallina H

The maintenance, stated goal of Florent Galmiche, the captain, is within reach of the CT-Beaucourt for Nina Radovanovic (No. 60), Carla Galmiche (-4/6), Dana Radovanovic (2/6) and Margot Aebischer (4/6). There may even be better things to do, especially because Beaucourt will have to recover, during the last three encounters, the Swiss Marie Mettraux (-4/6), currently on tour in Brazil.

The CT Beaucourt program: goes to Denain (2), receives Cattenom, goes to Lesigny, goes to Rully, receives Cherbourg.

female N3

Pool B

It is a complicated campaign that is presented for Besançon TC Diane Piranda (1/6), the No. 1 from Besançon, Mai Nguyen (2/6), retained by the 50-year-old World Cup in Florida, will not always be there, she will miss the first two days while Justine Brocard (2 / 6) and Chloé Busetto (3/6) will not be available. The first match against Blois, depending on the presence of the Polish Sanduska (0), 349th in the world in 2009, will give indications …

The Besançon TC program : receives Blois, goes to TC Fidésien, receives Bondy, goes to Obernai, receives Paris UC

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