MNNQNS, live nerds!

In an album and a handful of EPs, MNNQNS it made everyone agree on the prominent place that French guitar music deserves. Far from resting on its laurels on its fabulous second album The second principle, the band moves away slightly from their dissonant post-punk love to the glorious modular synthesizers. Meeting with Adrian, Grégoire, Félix and Hugo for a certified interview 100% relaxation and joy, where the valves fuse in all directions. Among other things in the program, thermodynamics, cosmic horror, Philipp Glass and … Taxi. By car !

Turned on The second principle, you exchange a little cracked guitars for synthesizers. Do you think you’re alienating some of your fans and audiences, or are you looking for that kind of showdown?

Gregory : It is true that synthesizers occupy a certain place compared to guitars. This is where we wanted to go, and he talked to us. The synthesizer is a creative tool like any other that leads us to new things. We did not raise the issue of any alienation of any part of the public. It is a choice guided by art. Each piece has a different atmosphere that the sounds of this instrument allow. If people don’t like it, it’s a shame … If I managed to listen to a synthesizer, people will do it too!

The influences of this new album are apparently thermodynamics, space, Lovecraft. In fact, you’re a big nerd …

Adrian : Yes, and let’s not hide it! We grew up in wineries with big grimoires! It’s an aesthetic we’re exploring, and synthesizers have something to do with it. At the moment, we really like the soundtracks of the old sci-fi movies where all the sets are in PQ. It’s done with the means available, and there’s a super honest side to it. We’ve used modular synthesizers and weird monophonic synthesizers to match the aesthetics we have in mind. I think, for example, of the Doctor Who credits and the music of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He was super creative despite the lack of technical means available at the time. As nerds, we love the meticulous aesthetics of DIY. The creative process is as important as the purpose.

As for Lovecraft, did you want to transcribe cosmic horror into music?

It’s funny because it’s not something we specifically wanted. Making the soundtrack for Cthulhu was not the goal, but listening to certain passages from the album makes sense. I find that there is a side to cosmic anxiety! Old synthesizers help create this vibration. In any case, he talks to us a lot.

The title of the album is a reference to the second principle of thermodynamics. Clutter, transformation, entropy … Is it to emphasize your degree of unpredictability as a band?

Your reading is interesting! We are more interested in the field of images and the vocabulary it generates than the idea of ​​thermodynamics per se. It evokes topics like space, science fiction … We didn’t want it to be too burnt either. Our album is unnamed space odyssey !

Your cover made me think of prog and krautrock aesthetics. Is it desired?

Gregory : We like krautrock. I’ve always wanted to explore it in concert or in the studio. Rhythmically, there is no better rhythm than this. That love started coming out for this second record but it wasn’t really calculated. I didn’t expect you to say it comes out on the cover, I love it! I lived in a time when I listened to groups without having any idea of ​​the names of the musicians, their ages, their origins … Now you can know who is who at any time. I was obsessed with the idea of ​​telling myself: but what is the group like? I needed a picture, I know the truth. Sometimes, not even knowing anything blocked me from listening. Hence the importance of the cover! Not one more piece, but almost. We wanted a photo with instant rendering, and especially not to put Saturn next to a planet that does not exist, for example, to remember the somewhat spatial theme of the album.
Adrian : The famous planet Rock One!
Felix : With Saturn that would actually be a guitar neck!
Adrian : Cover the extreme lack of taste. We’ll see for the third album.

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