Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance test: competitive hybrid

Forget all the environmental efficiency, this AMG GT 63 SE Performance has no environmental concerns. Becoming the most powerful road Mercedes in history, this hybrid is above all the spearhead of an electrified future, but one that does not compromise performance.

839 cap. With such cavalry, the The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance also becomes the most muscular sedan (or even four-door coupe) on the market.. Even a Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid looks very fragile with its 700 hp. Like his rival Zuffenhausen, theAMG GT (no longer specifies four doors since the coupe was discontinued) uses hybridization to show such spectacular specifications: 1400 Nm of torque, 2.9 seconds to reach 100 km / h and 316 km / h top speed.

The first production model to benefit from internal EQ Performance technology for sport-oriented PHEV vehicles will soon be followed by a four-cylinder AMG C-Class, and above all the One, a hypercar with a Formula 1 engine. An electrification strategy that should already comfort those nostalgic for combustion.

That’s why she stays the impressive V8 4.0 biturbo that develops 639 hp. On the rear axle, the 150 kW (204 hp) electric unit runs on a 6.1 kWh battery. It retains its mechanical all-wheel drive, also capable of distributing the 300 Nm of torque of the electric motor between the two axles. All this machinery is developed internally, largely inspired by the technologies used in F1. Mercedes does not boast of the electrical capabilities of its model, as evidenced by the small battery and zero-emission range, limited to a dozen kilometers.

no, the electric is mostly a boost, to improve the already impressive performance of the AMG-GT 63 S. Our test begins at the circuit of Monteblanco in Seville. Enough to let go of the reins to a very nervous herd. German engineers tell me to take a look at the battery meter, to understand the strategy put in place. It’s time to warm up, and here we are, the right pedal generously pressed on the – small – straight of the pits. The transmission immediately shifts three gears, the two engines work together to give all the power available and the imposing sedan climbs into a typically AMG hoarse roar. The phenomenal power, well aided by the immediate and constant thrust of the electric torque, offers an unprecedented performance for this model.

He It reaches 200 km / h in just 10 seconds, and the Spanish track suddenly seems insufficient for these performances. Coming out of the curves, lightning accelerations never weaken motor skills (our test models were equipped with semi-slicks), and the German’s appetizing balance allows you to play with the limits of grip. Communicative steering, rear-wheel steering with a sensitive effect, inexhaustible V8 punch … the AMG-GT 63 SE Performance fulfills the promises of its data sheet.

As a good hybrid that has nothing to do with its CO2 weight, it also benefits from a particular strategy when it comes to using its battery. The goal is to use the maximum energy, to always get optimal performance, and aggressively recharge at the slightest slowdown. Regenerative braking can develop a recharging power of up to 100 kW, a value close to certain vehicles connected to direct current. In use, the battery charge status fluctuates continuously, causing the meter to change significantly. A rather sporty management, then, which required the creation of a unique cooling system, again inspired by competition. Fluids no longer just surround the entire battery to reduce its temperature, but circulate between all the cells to cool them more efficiently.

Despite its supercar performance, this E Performance version is more of a super GT than a track companion. On the road, he shows off all his talent. Between an amazing level of comfort for such a fast machine, a sumptuous interior and the latest technology on board. Fully electric driving is common, the alternator-starter guarantees an almost imperceptible operation of the Stop & Start and regenerative braking allows a “single-pedal” drive that is quite easy to manage. Battery integration above the rear axle, however, requires a substantial walk in the trunk, which sees its volume drop from 456 to only 335 l. But who cares, family virtues are not his easel either.

On the winding roads of Andalusia, where changes of pace and course are legions, the AMG-GT 63 SE Performance is still a formidable machine. Immediate acceleration, perfectly calibrated steering, always available power (70 kW of the electric motor permanently, 150 kW in the form of a 10-second boost), lasting braking … In the end there is only the weight, almost 2.4 tons, which imposes its limits. But German adapts quite well. With 211,250 euros, the Mercedes AMG-GT 63 SE Performance is still mostly a showcase. A vision of the future seen by AMG, the electrification of which serves the performance. An excellent means of reconciliation for the ultimate refractory.


Our verdict
Outdated but never overwhelmed, efficient and playful while staying comfortable, the AMG GT 63 SE Performance takes advantage of its hybridization, designed solely to make it faster. Impressive mastered machinery, German style.

We love :

  • Unprecedented performances
  • battery management
  • Conserved comfort

We like it less:

  • Electrical autonomy
  • Prices
  • Weight


Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance (€ 211,250)
Consumption during the test (l / 100km): 13.5 l (sports driving)
WLTP mixed consumption (l / 100km): 7.9 l
CO2 (g / km) / penalty: € 180/7462
Fiscal power: 59
Country of manufacture: Germany
Warranty: 2 years / unlimited mileage

Technical file

Engine: front, V8, petrol, biturbo, direct injection, 32 valves, 3982 cc, 839 hp.
Transmission: all-wheel drive, 9-speed automatic
Power (cv): 839
Pair (Nm): 1400
Empty weight (kg): 2380
Length.width.walk (m): 5.05 × 1.87 × 1.44
Wheelbase (m): 2.95
Maximum speed (km / h): 316
Standard tires: 285/40 R22 (front) / 325/35 R22 (rear)

Maleter (l): 335
Front / rear elbow width (cm): NC
Rear legroom (cm): NC
Deposit (l): 72

Burmester Audio System (€ 4900)
Augmented reality for navigation (500 €)

Main competitors
Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid (€ 196,216)

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