Universities: 2022 ranking of the best masters in law and political science

Law and political science offer many possibilities for a master’s degree: notarial law, health law or even international relations. But which universities show the best results in these areas? The student deciphers data from the Ministry of Higher Education to identify the best universities to pursue your master’s degree in law and political science.

International law, notarial law, international relations or even political science: there are many masters in political science or law. At the 2020 session, 56.3% of students obtained a master’s degree in law and political science directly in two years. But what about college results? The Student deciphers the universities that stand out in this field based on data from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The best universities to pass your master’s degree in law and political science

In the table above, you can hover your mouse over the name the university to see the number of students enrolled in the master’s degree. This information is important if you are hesitant about various universities and the size of the university is important in your choice of orientation. Reduced promotions also make the training offer limited.

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Best Masters in Law and Political Science: The University of Saint-Etienne stands out

It is the University of Saint-Etienne that has a good success in masters in the field of law and political science. At the 2020 session, 87.2% of students obtained the master’s degree directly in two years. At that time, the University of Paris had a success rate of 79.1%. There is also the University of the Côte d’Azur, where the success rate of master’s degree students in law and political science is 78.2%.

These are too these three universities are also the best to advance their students, indicator observable by the criterion “added value for success in two years”. In other words, these universities allow more students to obtain their master’s degree than the Ministry of Higher Education expects. Depending on the social characteristics of the staff (age, gender, etc.), the ministry estimates that only 58.7% of master’s students at the University of Saint-Etienne would get it in two years. In fact, they were 87.2%.

Universities with reduced enrollments are more than well defended as among the top 10, university enrollment never exceeds 260 students.

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Law and political science: 66.2% pass the master’s degree 2

In France, 66.2% of students enrolled in a master’s degree in law or political science go on to the second year. But rates vary greatly from university to university. At the University of Saint-Etienne, 96.1% have passed Master 2 in 2020.

The University of Tours has also shown excellent results since then 93.3% of their Master 1 students manage to access the second year of the diploma. Next to the University of Paris, the approval rate is lower, with a rate of 77.9%.

The top 10 of the best universities for the master’s degree in law and political science

Classification Name of Institution Success rate in 2 years (in%) Added value (in points) Exceedance rate in M2 (in%) Added value to the rate of overcoming in M2
1 University of Saint-Etienne 87.2 28.5 96.1 28.5
2 University of Paris 79.1 19.9 92.2 23.5
3 Common University Blue Coast 78.2 23.1 81.1 15.5
4 University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 72.8 17.2 77 12.2
5 University of Toulon 71.3 19.2 88.3 25.7
6 University of Limoges 70.1 14.5 76.1 15.1
7 University of Perpignan 69.2 19.1 75.8 13.7
8 University of Artois 69.1 15.4 80 13.7
9 University of Besançon 68.8 15.4 71.7 9.1
10 University of La Rochelle 68.8 13.5 74.7 12.7

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