Sotteville-les-Rouen. After several months of living in his car, he found a home

Since April 16, Henry *, a former homeless man, has found accommodation thanks to the town hall of Sotteville-lès-Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (© AF / 76news)

See (finally) the end of the tunnel! Henry * had been living in his car since January. Sotteville-les-Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Anxiously, he had agreed to meet with us to discuss his situation. After our exchanges, the good news fell for the 64-year-old. “It simply came to our notice then 200 people came to see me ” , he comments. To bring him some food, but also to argue, to see if he was okay, if he was thinking of finding a solution. “It simply came to our notice then. »

“Overnight, I went from darkness to light”

One solution, precisely, Henry has found one. He has been renting a 15m room in Sotteville-lès-Rouen since April 16th. Small TV, microwave and of course a bed, the accommodation is modest but satisfactory Henry. ” We regain a taste for simple things. Being able to go to the bathroom without braking seems silly, but it’s important. »

During the day, watch a lot of television. What came out of the street is as busy as it can be. He has his little routine, his morning coffee at the bar downstairs. “I know the head well, it’s very nice!” And then his diary is full of appointments with the doctor, as well as the CCAS of Sotteville-lès-Rouen, which continues to accompany him.

Henry pays 150 euros a month for his accommodation. “The town hall helped me find this room in a private house. The idea is to have one temporary accommodation, three to four months and to prove that I am serious. Let me pay the rent and get on well with the neighbors, ”said the tenant. Deeply grateful, Henry would like to thank the Mayor of Sotteville-lès-Rouen and the social workers. “They are great, they helped me with the papers. During the night, I went from darkness to light. »

A place to house your children

Since our last meeting, the 64-year-old has changed his mind. If he is still so talkative, the smile has reappeared. His features are less marked, and he has regained some weight. “I feel better, less physically and mentally tired, obviously. At night, I still have trouble sleeping, but it’s time to get used to it. »

Henry receives a little over 500 euros a month thanks to his retirement. “I also hope to receive my supplement in June. The files have been uploaded, ”he added. Finally, he hopes to be able to get social housing (older therefore), in particular to be able to take in their three children. He wants to show his children, but also his ex-wife (with whom he still has a difficult relationship), that he has been able to recover.

” Thanks ”

Henry knows he owes a lot to the people who came to support him. “They helped me wash my clothes, shower, eat. The neighbors, the people of the neighborhood, came to talk to me, ”he lists. And to complete: “There is also the municipal police, who came to see me at night to check that I was OK. »

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And then, of course, Roman, the caretaker of the building that lives in front of Henry’s car. Every day, she keeps listening to him, helping him when he needs something. “I consider him a member of my family. If I didn’t get in the car, it’s because of him. He paid me for hotel nights when it was cold, he gave of his time, he showed immense generosity. Thank you!” tears in his eyes.

* The first name has been changed at your request

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