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At the end of April, we invite you to discover the latest releases of the editions of Mnémos and Moutons Electriques.

L’Orsinia completa – Ursula K. Le Guin (Mnemos)

The integral Orsinia brings together for the first time in France all the texts of Ursula K. Le Guin that take place in Orsinia, an imaginary nation of Central Europe, invented by the author.

First novel written by the author in the 1950s but published only in 1979, Malafrena follows the romantic fate of Itale Sorde, the young idealist heiress to a remote rural estate, dragged down by the revolutionary agitation of the 19th century when Orsinia was under the Austrian yoke. Chronicles Orsinies accompanied by two additional texts and unpublished songs, they outline the history of Orsinia in small, iconic touches, from the Middle Ages to the fall of his Stalinist government, overthrown by a Velvet Revolution.

With this first major literary cycle, Ursula Le Guin explores the major themes that make up the depth and humanism of her literature: the questioning of the so-called natural order in human relations, inner strength, resistance and above all freedom. of authoritarianism and bigotry. .

The World of T1 Firsts – Lucie Thomasson (Mnemos)

In April, find out The world of the firstLucie Thomasson’s new children’s novel Mnémos.

When the crimes of the past claim their blood debt to the First,
It only takes three students to set fire to gunpowder
And fly the continent!

They are Riddles, Creators, Watchmakers, Ties, Illusionists, Clairvoyants.

They are the First, nourished by magic, possessors of a unique power. Six families for six kingdoms, six families ruling the continent with an iron fist.

The Academy educates its future elite servants, all of the poor and non-magic class: the Third. Victoire, Guilhem and Dimitri are students and will soon be given a job and a family for life. And if Guilhem and Dimitri are already in the oven and in the garden, Victoire will be a griffin breeder with the Hamilcars. The res.

However, when it comes to the Premier to play the impeccable servers, they are far from suspecting that they are stepping on the biggest plot ever prepared.

So, as the mystery deepens in the world of the First, the shadow confronts the three companions …

A shadow that speaks of hidden crimes and secrets that could well upset the continent’s chessboard forever.

Flamboyance – The bloodless city T2 – Mathieu Gaborit (Mnemos)

With ExtravagantMathieu Gaborit offers a bold, epic and poetic last volume, in the image of his universe whose images have marked the imagination of many readers for more than twenty years.

Abyss, the grand and baroque city is only a shadow of itself. Bored and disfigured, he withers under the yoke of austere and draconian laws.

But Maspalio, the famous thief prince returned from the Abyss, has no intention of letting his city die. In the labyrinthine and sulphurous neighborhood of Les Mil Portes, he discovered that the revolt was taking place in the bowels of the city.

The old elf, aided by an ogre and five street hedgehogs, rises to defy the relentless power and restore the City of Shadows to his lost soul.

The Twilight Kingdoms – Complete – Mathieu Gaborit (Mnemos)

Gathered in this integral, you will find the adventures of Agone de Rochronde and Maspalio d’Abyme!

masterful fresh, The Twilight Kingdoms it follows the dark destiny of Agone de Rochronde, accompanied by its stock Penumbra. At first reluctant to ascend the throne on the death of his father, he succumbed to the deadly game of rivalries and betrayals. In search of the truth, will he take a path that will be painful and full of mistakes … Will Agone be able to find his salvation and deliver the Twilight Kingdoms that are sinking in agitation?

To the west rises Abyme, a baroque and decadent city. Maspalio, a cunning elf and former prince thief, is at the heart of an exceptionally dangerous investigation. In the canals, abysses and palaces of the cosmopolitan labyrinth of the most famous city in the Twilight Kingdoms, who is suspicious, who is to blame? And above all, who is hiding in the shadows of Abyme?

Bohemian – Mathieu Gaborit (Mnemos)

A little steampunk with this diptych by Mathieu Gaborit published a few years ago. As you may have noticed, the author is in the spotlight this month on Mnemos editions.

After the Industrial Revolution, Europe was overwhelmed by a strange and dangerous substance, erime. Linked by the fragile network of steel sleepers, only a few cities ruled by the capitalist aristocracy emerge in this corrosive sea. But under the yoke of propaganda, the revolt boomed … load … For her, it is the beginning of a one-way trip to the borders of the passages, where the name of a lost city is whispered: Bohemia.

Arsène Lupine! A Life – André-François Ruaud (The Electric Sheep)

Arsène Lupine is one of the greatest figures in popular culture and only his name is synonymous with ” lord-thief “. With Arsène Lupine! One lifediscover a work full of color, rich iconography, signed by André-François Ruaud with the participation of Patrice Lajoye.

His exploits have been translated around the world, adapted for theater, television, comics and cinema. Alternatively a thief and investigator, a socialite and brazen or tortured and a calculator, a formidable archetype of the big-hearted bandit and the elegant man in all circumstances, Arsène Lupine has exercised a fascination that has been relevant for over a century.

It is his journey full of events that we wanted to rediscover, in the form of a real biography. A life of legend, where the figures of Sherlock Holmes, the English thief Raffles, the thief of Darien, the actress Georgette Leblanc, his brother Maurice Leblanc of course, but also the Emperor William II, Oscar Wilde, Fantômas, Rouletabille , Proust or Monet. The Belle Époque and beyond: Arsène Lupine, a lifetime.

Whispering Trees – Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (The Electric Sheep)

From whimsical stories to fantastic tales, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s ironic prose traverses Nigeria.

The writer delves into stories that fuse magical realism and social criticism to tell his country, its tormented winds, its evil or benevolent witches, its crooked politicians and its whispering trees.

A Nigerian journalist working for the Daily Trust, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, naturally takes an ironic, worried look at the political turmoil in Nigeria. In 2015 he received the prestigious NLNG Award.

Agentique – Élodie Denis (The Electric Sheep)

Agent, the instrument man. Agentique, the man exonerated of all guilt.

In 1996, Chayton, an American veteran, visited Vietnam as if he were returning to the crime scene. Loan, a student, is bored at her mother’s travel agency. Together, they will chart a path in this war-torn country: the former will relive their memory, the latter will draw this difficult journey. But behind this current drama lies another older reality, a puppet theater soaked in Agent Orange.

After a pop-philo essay on superheroes (Editions of the Opportune), Elodie Denis presents her first novel here.

The Worried Planet – Christian Léourier (Electric Sheep)

On the planet Oeagre, a peaceful colony of Earth, strange events suddenly happen: in the middle of summer, the crops freeze, the earth trembles, the earth opens. For no apparent reason. Earth believes in war, mobilizes and sends its legions.

But against which rival? And the most terrible of these attacks is, without a doubt, the collective madness that has seized the inhabitants of Oeagre. Without explanation, moved by an irresistible impulse, they leave their homes and their city and head in a frightening procession towards an unpredictable goal, like the lemmings. In this deadly love affair, Lorbeer, of course, has two reasons for finding out the mystery: first, to find the woman he loves, Laurelance. Then he fulfills the mission entrusted to him by Erms, the god of chance, in whom he does not believe.

Find a new paperback edition of The worried planet by Christian Leourier.

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