»Sanofi partners with McLaren Racing to accelerate the excellence of its MyPharma Editions industrial tool

Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sanofi has announced that it has signed a partnership with McLaren Racing to accelerate the efficiency and performance of its production tool and support the company’s industrial ambitions with a level of excellence corresponding to the best international standards. Following the success of a pilot project carried out in 2021 with McLaren Racing, the two companies have decided to expand their collaboration to various facilities in seven countries, covering more than 100 production lines and all technologies. The lessons learned from this partnership will deepen the knowledge and develop best manufacturing practices, which will then be deployed in the Sanofi industrial network.

Paul Hudson, CEO: “We look forward to partnering with McLaren and benefiting from its spirit of conquest and its ability to always go further. Our companies are united around our desire to overcome – we, with courage and determination, to optimize our performance and our operational excellence. We want to operate our production lines with the speed, precision and efficiency that are the hallmarks of Formula 1 equipment “.

McLaren Racing specialists will work with Sanofi’s Industrial Affairs teams to further optimize production operations and enable the entire industrial network to better ensure the manufacture of products from the company’s extensive portfolio and enable the execution of the R&D portfolio, with 25 new releases planned over the next five years to meet the needs of patients everywhere.

Building on a unique data-driven approach, McLaren Racing will put its digital and analytical experience and skills to work to strengthen Sanofi’s performance and help it better anticipate risks and resolve issues before they arrive. McLaren’s experience in Formula 1 will be used primarily in line change simulation models and production operations, similar to the experience and advanced data analysis capabilities that McLaren applies to the famous stops in boxes (stops) of Formula 1 races.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing: “We are delighted with this partnership with Sanofi. It is important that two international companies that share the same values ​​work together to optimize their performance. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sanofi to make an impact. positive not only in its manufacturing operations, but also in helping it to improve patients’ lives. ”

Beyond the technical leadership of Formula 1, this collaboration will pay special attention to the human dimension of high performance. This partnership will also be an opportunity to develop a culture inspired by Formula 1, formed by the spirit of competition and speed, to accelerate improvements, learning and the exchange of good practices, individually and collectively, to all Sanofi facilities, in order to cultivate a “one Sanofi” spirit. This unique opportunity will bring together the best assets of both companies, with the speed, agility, team spirit and continuous improvements needed to succeed in motorsport as well as health research.

Brendan O’Callaghan, Sanofi’s Executive Vice President of Industrial Affairs, said: “We want to equip our entire network of cutting-edge industrial sites so that we can make the miracles of science – discovered in our labs – a reality for patients. program represents a great opportunity in terms of improving the performance of our manufacturing facilities, working with a leading company like McLaren, which is the epitome of high performance in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. “It will allow us to take advantage of advanced data analysis and precision engineering to strengthen our competitiveness and give us an edge. Increasing our performance in these modalities will allow us to make our medicines available to more patients around the world.”

Source: Sanofi

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