Macron’s tribute, Monaco dreams of the Euroleague … The 5 news you will hear tomorrow

April 28, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.

1 – Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to his grandmother

Emmanuel Macron at the Invalids, Wednesday.


Emmanuel Macron will be in the Hautes-Pyrénées this Friday to honor the memory of his grandmother, Germaine Noguès, nicknamed “Manette”, who died in 2013 and is resting in the town of Montgaillard. Asked on TF1 on April 6 about his post-election program, the President had already promised to go there. “As for the personal plan, I’m going to put flowers in my grandmother’s grave in my beloved Pyrenees”He said.

After two trips this week, one to Cergy (Val-d’Oise) with the city’s residents and traders, the other to Percy Hospital in Clamart (Alts-de-Seine), next to the bed of the wounded soldiers, the Head of State could take advantage of this third trip since his re-election to devote a sequence to the issue of rurality.

2 – Jerusalem at war

Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police on April 22.

Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police on April 22.


Israel’s security services are preparing for possible clashes tomorrow on the last Friday of Ramadan, chosen by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 to celebrate resistance to the “Zionist occupation” of Jerusalem, Al-Qaeda. Quds in Arabic. While the last few weeks have been stormy and deadly, in East Jerusalem as well as in the West Bank and in Israeli cities where Palestinians have carried out four attacks in a month, next week promises to be fertile on key dates, conducive to the onset of anger. . and violence.

Al-Quds International Day will be marked by speeches encouraging resistance in Gaza, Tehran or southern Lebanon with the long-awaited speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Demonstrations are also expected in the Palestinian territories, in particular at the call of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Israeli command of the anti-cyber fight, for its part, evoked threats of attacks by hackers from Arab or Muslim countries on the Internet pages of the Hebrew state.
Monday will be the end of Ramadan and the feast of Eid al-Fitr, followed by Israel’s Independence Day Wednesday. Palestinians commemorate the establishment of the Jewish state as Nakbah, the “great catastrophe,” usually with protests against the occupation of the army and settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

3 – Boris Becker faces jail

Boris Becker, former number 1 in the tennis world, will know on Friday if his rugged retirement will take him to jail. A hearing is set to determine his conviction when he was found guilty on April 8 in London of four charges related to his personal bankruptcy. The German faces up to seven years in prison for this. He is accused of failing to comply with his obligations to disclose information, in particular banking information.

The six-time Grand Slam winner allegedly transferred hundreds of thousands of pounds from a professional account to other accounts, including those of his ex-wives, did not declare property in Germany and hid a loan of 825,000 euros and shares of a company. Becker, 54, was acquitted of all other charges, including non-delivery of his trophies.

4 – Euroleague basketball: Monaco can still dream

Party of Monaco on April 20.

Party of Monaco on April 20.


To become the third French club to play in a Euroleague Final 4, and the first in a quarter of a century, Monaco no longer have the right to make mistakes against Olympiakos. Their defeat in their hall, on Wednesday during match 3 of the quarterfinals (83-87), condemns the Roca Team to win on Friday evening (9 pm, L’Équipe channel) before returning to Piraeus on Wednesday to snatch the valuable ticket. . Particularly led by the Greek defense, his star Mike James will have to find inspiration and the path of the circle. “We need to vent our frustration and focus on ourselves, defender Sasa Obradovic, the Monegasque coach. We are a brand new team. We must not forget that we are doing an extraordinary job. »

5 – An unpublished work by Georges Perec is published in bookstores

Forty years after the death of Georges Perec, the editions of Seuil publish on Friday an unpublished work by the writer, author of life manualMedici Prize in 1978. Graduate Locals, this unfinished work describes several places in Paris loved by the author. Initially, the project was to include 24 places and 288 texts. In the end, there are only 133 entries between 1969 and 1975, to which the publisher also gives free online access. A very active member of the Oulipo, Perec perfectly mastered the art of respecting the limitations he had imposed on himself, as required by the rules set by this group of writers. In 1969 he published a novel, Disappearance, without ever including the most common vowel in the alphabet, the “e”. Closely related to the capital, he had also written in Trying to run out of a Parisian place, where, sitting for three days on the terrace of a café in Saint-Sulpice Square, he recounted all the events he witnessed. Transcribe all the fragments that make it up Locals it was a four-year job.

It makes us happy: the comets have returned to the northern sky

A giant Spider-Man, a huge multicolored spiral, the Grendizer ship … Here are some of the stars you can admire in Berck until Sunday. After a two-year hiatus due to the health crisis, the Pas de Calais spa is once again hosting the International Meetings of the discipline. In the program of the last days of this 35th edition, which began last weekend: “the flight of the giants of Guatemala”a “Ballet demonstration with music” or a big parade followed by fireworks (Saturday). The icing on the cake: Météo-France announces for this weekend sun and enough wind for the machines to line up.

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