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On the last day of the Intergalactic festival, Junk Head, Takahide Hori’s film was screened at Le Zola cinema in Villeurbanne. The opportunity for festival goers to discover it in advance.

Science Fiction Festival (SF) Intergalactics finished last night in Lyon. In this context, two films of the genre were screened at the Zola cinema in Villeurbanne. First, the audience was able to see Violence Voyager by Ujicha. Later in the evening, he was also able to immerse himself in the universe of the feature film Junk Head directed by Takahide Hori. It was the second version of this film released for the first time in 2017 and was released in preview. If viewers have come in large numbers to discover it, the general public will have to wait until May 18 to see Junk Head in theaters.

Poster for the Les Intergalactiques 2022 festival

The stop motion film immerses the viewer in the heart of a strange and dystopian universe in which humanity has almost achieved immortality. But she also lives as an inmate, has lost her reproductive abilities and is threatened with extinction by a virus. In this futuristic world, men have also created “marijuana”, an artificial way of life, which they have sent to the center of the earth to work in its place. An explorer will be sent to the lowest depths of our planet, away from sunlight to collect genes for reproduction. There, he will face a strange village evolving with its own codes and mutant creatures that rule the roof in this darkness.

“It’s pure science fiction that has digested a lot of influences”

Junk Head is unsettling, confusing. A real visual and sound experience thanks to its stop-motion production, which required more than 140,000 shots, and its strange sound effects, this trip to the center of the earth will not leave anyone indifferent. “I wouldn’t advise anyone to watch it, you have to have seen other films of the genre to appreciate it.”, supports Adrien, a student who came to see the film. If history sometimes has a length, it is actually a pretext to make us discover a marked and dystopian universe that encourages reflection on various topics such as ecology, beliefs but especially transhumanism and the experiences of the man on his own body. “It’s pure science fiction that has digested a lot of influences, from manga to American sci-fi movies to screaming metal.” testifies Nicolas Sébastien Landais, the master of ceremonies. Influences that we feel a lot, especially in the design of the characters, or that of the creatures that is inspired by the film The Thing by John Carpenter (1982).

7 years of award-winning work

Junk Head was a real phenomenon when it premiered in Japan and peaked at number one at the independent box office for two weeks. It then became an international success and won several awards: the Satoshi Kon Prize at the Montreal Fantasy Festival, the Golden Stork for Best Animated Film in Strasbourg and above all for Best New Director at the Austin Fantastic Fest. One last well-deserved award in view of Takahide Hori’s performance. With Junk Head, the words “direct a movie” have never had so much meaning, the Japanese artist has done almost everything on his own, from directing to certain voice-overs and even the script. “It’s a one-man film, it’s a piece of life,” he said. congratulates Nicolas Sébastien Landais. Adrian agrees: “We were told it took 7 years to make Junk Head. It’s noticeable, you can feel the work behind it.”.

In any case, if the festival is over, there are still film screenings for the occasion. You can find David Cronenberg’s Videodrôme (1983) on Saturday, April 30, Norman Jewison’s Rollerball (1975) on Sunday, April 31, or even Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975).

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