Banque Palatine is partnering with sports entrepreneurs

She is known for her commitment to medium-sized businesses (TSIs) and entrepreneurs. Banque Palatine is adding another rope to its bow now appealing to athletes and para-athletes, in recycling or not, but with a business project. Normal, as the financial institution is a subsidiary of the BPCE Group, a premium partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

At the service of athletes

“We are launching a mentoring system aimed at recreating a team around top athletesexplains Patrick Ibry, deputy general manager of Banque Palatine. It will be at your disposal: we will adapt to them and not the other way around as usual. Throughout their careers, athletes have formed an ecosystem of osteopaths, sophrologists, dietitians, communication managers … And we wanted there to be no difference between sports and post-sports life. Some athletes, who are used to working as a team, may find themselves helpless when it comes to launching their entrepreneurial project.
Why support only women? Because the world is changing and there are more and more women leaders. “That’s how we bring our little stone to the building.”

We want to be
particle accelerators.

It is not Séverine Desbouys, a former professional cycling champion who has become an entrepreneur and investor, who will complain about this. The founder and director of DSC – an international consulting company in strategy, economic intelligence and public affairs – and captain of the mentoring project with Patrick Ibry, to specify: “Women do not dare to start because they do not have the network, the accountant, the understanding of Urssaf, they do not speak English … They wonder if they will be entrusted with their dual career as athletes and entrepreneurs. With our device, we want to show that there are not only men like Taïg Khris, [triple champion du monde de roller sur rampe et vainqueur des X Games qui a fondé OnOff Telecom en 2014] who can raise 30 million euros “.

The size

And this is what this first promotion of four athletes aims to prove (read below) which has just begun. Selected from more than forty applications, the young women will have nine months to submit their project.

Three phases of three months: the first, the audit, consists of identifying the expectations and needs of each one. The second, the bootcamp, aims to build skills, assimilate key notions related to entrepreneurship and define the business model that will be deployed during the third stage, personalization. Mentors will be able to meet with business leaders who are members of the Palatine network or bank employees in the implementation of the project.
“We want to be particle accelerators, Patrick Ibry continues, we come to support at a time when we need us in our career or project and during this time, we put everything at your fingertips: experience, schools, networks like PWN [Professionnal Women’s Network qui compte plus de 900 membres, ndlr]”
Meanwhile, the bank is actively preparing the second promotion that will integrate, from next January, a dozen athletes.

“Strengthen my muscles so I don’t get robbed of my ideas”

He was only three years old when he first steered his parents’ boat. Alexia Barrier, who grew up in Nice, is the only Mediterranean woman to have completed the last Vendée Globe.

The navigator and entrepreneur is currently leading three flagship projects that have in common the preservation of the oceans through education and science. Her first challenge, The Famous Project, is to take part in the upcoming Jules-Verne Trophy in 2024 with a 100% female crew.

“For twenty-five years there have been women in this race that rewards the fastest circumnavigation in the world in sailing, non-stop and without assistance.“, his second project, he has been carrying out since 2010 with the 4myplanet association he created and “The goal is to raise awareness among children about the protection of the oceans and nature. Today, 100,000 children follow the 4myplanet educational program that aims to bring the ocean to the classroom.”

Collect data

Finally, Alexia Barrier’s latest baby is all about collecting data for scientists. “I’m the only woman who’s ever traveled around the world to get data on the ocean.”assures the athlete.
He now wants to develop a new system of sensors positioned on the keels and masts of ships that complement ocean data and can anticipate climate disasters.

“The fires in Australia in 2019-2020 came from a disruption of sea currents that are climate regulators”she explains.

If the sailor does not hesitate to challenge himself at sea and sailing because “I know I will get there, on earth, my challenges as an entrepreneur are not so easy or bright because I lacked the network and kindness around me. People came to join my projects over the years. of my career, but always for the wrong reasons, to take advantage of my candlelight and try to make a jackpot on my backregrets. I miss this drive and mentoring launched by Banque Palatine to fill the gaps, whether in funding, accounting or personnel management. I know I will have the best specialists to accompany me on all three projects at once. I need to increase my muscles to go faster and I don’t have ideas. “

And to conclude: “They provide us with a toolbox. It’s up to us to create a trail, make money, of course, but also be role models.”

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