Zagreb car rental: tips, prices, routes

Are you planning a trip to Croatia and want to travel easily? Here is our guide to car hire in Zagreb!

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is located in the northwest of the country, inland. For this reason, it is often overlooked by tourists who prefer coastal cities: Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula or Split. However, the Croatian capital hides many treasures. You will appreciate its architecture, its museums, its coffee culture and its authentic atmosphere. It is also ideally located for exploring the interior of Croatia.

Do you want to discover the city by car or are you planning a road trip from this city? Find out more about car hire in Zagreb.

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Where to Rent a Car in Zagreb?

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At the airport

If you plan to rent a car in Zagreb, wait 20 to 30 minutes to reach the city center by car from the airport. At this airport there are several car rental companies such as Avantcar, NOVA or Mack.

To guarantee your arrival, you should book online if possible, especially with places like Rentalcars. Then you are sure to get the type of vehicle you want on the date and time you want.

Rent a car at Zagreb airport


You can also reach the city center from the airport by public transport. Once in the center, you can always rent a car in Zagreb with ease. There are several companies waiting for you, such as Sixt, Nova, Avantcar or Enterprise.

However, we recommend that you rent a car at Zagreb Airport upon arrival. You will then have your vehicle directly at your disposal to make your transfer to the center, get around the city and then discover its surroundings.

Itinerary to Zagreb by car: some ideas for a road trip

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To visit the city in every corner, what better way than to rent a car in Zagreb? Getting around freely and discovering all the things to do in Zagreb is a great idea! Here are some ideas for itineraries around the city and the surrounding area.

2-4 day itinerary to Zagreb

  • Discover the upper city of Zagreb, historic heart of the capital. Admire the iconic roof of the sublime St. Mark’s Church. Also visit Zagreb’s elegant cathedral and wander the narrow streets of the Old Town.
  • Climb to Strossmartre, considered the mini Montmartre of Zagreb. Up there, you will enjoy unobstructed views of the entire capital. Concerts and shows are often held on the esplanade during the spring and summer.
  • Visit the Gric Tunnel, an atypical and amazing place. The tunnel was once a World War II refuge, now a major cultural space in the capital.
  • Explore the lower city: start from the main square Jelacic with its Austro-Hungarian facades. Then stroll along Ilica, Zagreb’s main street. Take the opportunity to go shopping or visit some interesting museums.
  • Admire the beautiful Croatian National Theater with its amazing architecture.
  • Enjoy peace and quiet in the beautiful city parks. Tuskanac at the head with its summer garden. It is an ideal place to have a drink during the summer.

7-day itinerary to Zagreb

Here are some more ideas for a week-long stay in the Croatian capital:

  • Discover the Dolac market : this real market is the ideal place to do your shopping during your stay.
  • Visit the gigantic Maksimir Park to the east of the city. Here you will find a zoo, several lakes and dozens of paths for beautiful walks.
  • Take a trip to Hrelic, the Zagreb flea market, to discover some atypical memories.
  • Discover the Museum of Broken Relationships, a unique and amazing museum.
  • Take the time to try Croatian wines.
  • Go to Lake Jarun to swim on the pebble beaches, water sports or just enjoy some summer parties.
  • Go skiing on Mount Slijeme during the beautiful winter season.

Itinerary of two weeks and more

Are you coming to Croatia for more than two weeks? Then you will want to leave the Croatian capital for more excursions. Then your rental car will be very practical:

  • Enjoy beautiful excursions in the Samoborska Mountains located on the border with Slovenia.
  • Stop also in the charming town of Samobor located between Zagreb and the mountains.
  • Discover the beautiful Baroque city of Varazdin. Just an hour’s drive north of Zagreb.
  • Visit to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb with your rental car. This amazing place is just a two hour drive from the capital.

Book a car in Zagreb

rent a car in Zagreb

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Is your itinerary complete? So all you have to do is rent a car in Zagreb to get started with your discoveries. To find the best value for money, we recommend using a price comparator like Rentalcars. The latter brings together all the car rental companies in Zagreb and compares them with each other.

Thanks to this platform, you will be able to adjust your search according to your specific criteria. First of all, just choose your dates and vehicle type. It will then be possible to search among the many online car rental companies to find the best option.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Zagreb?

Per day

Car rental companies in Zagreb usually adjust their rates based on the season and the category of the vehicle. Some rental companies will also charge you extra for certain options. This is the case if, for example, you want to leave the rented vehicle in another city.

Count approximately between € 60 and € 100 per day for your car hire in Zagreb. For theft and collision insurance, you have € 40 more.

For a week

The price of a one-week rental car in Zagreb varies according to the same variables as before. Sometimes you pay less for a long-term rental. In all cases, plan for an average amount included between € 300 and € 550 per week.

Driving in Zagreb: Traffic Rules You Need to Know

drive to Zagreb

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As in France, driving in Croatia is on the right. Speed ​​is limited to 50 km / h in urban areas, 90 km / h on national roads and 130 km / h on motorways. Please note that road signs are green.

Children under the age of 2 must also be seated in a baby seat. Children from 2 to 5 years old should go in a suitable child seat. As for children under 12, they cannot sit in the passenger seat.

As for parking, it is almost always regulated. That’s why we invite you to always opt for car parks or spaces with signs on the ground.

Our tip for car hire in Zagreb


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To make sure you have a good car rental experience in Zagreb, here are some tips. First of all, we recommend adding a full warranty in most cases.

Then check the conditions of your insurance when you want to rent a car in Zagreb. Also consider unlimited mileage for more freedom.

Finally, it is advisable to rent a car in Zagreb in advance to take advantage of the best prices and guarantee a hassle-free trip.

Book a car in Zagreb

Rent a car in Zagreb: what are the conditions?

To rent a car in Zagreb, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. An international driver’s license is not required. The French driver’s license is usually recognized in Croatia. You will then need to bring your car insurance international gray card and green card.

Limited or unlimited mileage?

If your trip is 5 days or more, we recommend that you rent a car in Zagreb with unlimited mileage. Then you will have full freedom.

If you are visiting Zagreb for a weekend or have a specific itinerary, you can choose a limited mileage. This will reduce your expenses.

Need insurance for car hire in Zagreb?

We advise you to take out car rental insurance in Zagreb. Then you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about an accident or theft.

Where to park in Zagreb?

There is no free parking in the center of Zagreb. For your car park, you will have to opt for a paid covered or uncovered car park. There are several in and around the center. You can also park in the street squares. Please pay attention to the different restricted areas.

In Zagreb, they are delimited by colors according to the rules and rates. The red zones are limited to 2 hours of parking for 12 HRK. Yellow zones are limited to 3 hours for 5 HRK per hour and blue zones are usually unlimited for 2 HRK per hour.

What is the most convenient type of car to visit in Zagreb?

If you are staying in the city, we recommend that you opt for a compact and practical car. But you can rent a car in Istanbul according to your wishes and needs. Be careful about the size of your vehicle for your parking lot.

Book a car in Zagreb

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