The cheapest vans: the 5 best vans equipped for less than 45,000 euros

Top 5: vans equipped for less than € 45,000. They are not expensive and offer the same type of distribution as the top of the range (include shower and sink). Are they worse? We will answer this question.

There are several solutions available to anyone who wants to buy an equipped van: have one custom designof a purchased utility new or usedor opt for a serial model produced for builder-promoter. You can then contact a specialist converted van. Many manufacturers of camper vans they also offer a range of vans in their catalog.

Converted vans for less than 45,000 euros

Here is a list of vans equipped for less than € 45,000. They all belong to the 2022 collections.

  1. Giottilan Giottivan 54 T: € 41,200
  2. Road R540: € 43,390
  3. Rimor Hera 54: € 43,445
  4. Joa Camp 54G: € 44,900
  5. McLouis Menfys 1: € 44,990

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Are cheap vans less good?

Among this diverse and varied offer, all price levels are discussed. To reach the figure of 5 models, we have corrected a € 45,000 limit.

  • Finishes: For this price, there are new motorhomes with correct levels of finish and equipment (but which obviously remain less qualitative than the high-end models).
  • Equipment: Mark the difference between standard equipment (included in the price shown) and options (which will increase the base price). Feel free to compare the equipment offered by this or that manufacturer (and also by your seller). This is where the actual price of a van is determined. In fact, there are special series at € 50,000 with an excellent team-price ratio.

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The 5 cheapest motorhomes on the market in 2022

If you are looking for a cheap van, you can find satisfaction among the following brands. This top 5 was established from the 2022 catalogs of the manufacturers. The following vans are simply the least expensive in our database. Then it is up to you to make your choice. At the end of the article, we also offer a list of brands that offer vans for less than € 50,000.

We have deliberately excluded from this selection vans equipped with a drop-down roof, which do not end up playing in the same category. They are also generally more expensive.

1. Giottilan Giottivan 54 T: from € 41,200

Recently arrived in the van sector, the Italian brand known for the first time for its economic models sells three vans with a 3.3 t PTAC based on Fiat or Citroën. It is in this last carrier where it will be necessary to consider the most compact to go down to the lowest price of the market. If the treatment may seem light, the essentials are on board and even a little more as evidenced by the equipment level of the Giottivan pack.

Technical file

  • L x W x H: 5.41 x 2.05 x 2.59 cm
  • Carrier: Citroën 2.2l / 120 hp
  • GVW / CU: 3,300 / 515 kg
  • CG seats: 4
  • Main standard equipment: manual air conditioning, driver and passenger airbag, speed control, start & stop, electric exterior mirrors and heaters, 88 l refrigerator, Truma Combi 6 heating / hot water combination.

2. Road R 540: from € 43,399

Until last year, the small R 540 van was the cheapest motorhome on the market. If you do not benefit from the cab cut, instead keep a cross-section above the driving position. It is also equipped with a refrigerator placed at the end of the kitchen cabinet with a large permanent work surface on top and adjustable spotlights on movable and repositionable railings. As with the other three models in the Roadcar range, which share the same economic logic, the most compact cannot be predicted without a minimum of options. It’s hard to do without the Comfort pack (+ € 1099) which offers an electric step, a mosquito net on the door, a panoramic skylight in the living room, opaque blinds for the cabin or even a shower head and a curtain of shower in the toilets. As for the Chassis pack, it will allow you to benefit from sufficient equipment and even beyond: manual air conditioning, electric mirrors and heaters, cruise control, passenger airbag, Traction +, Captain chair, radio pre-equipment, Height-adjustable passenger seat, leather steering wheel, LED lighting, 220 Ah reinforced alternator, 25 Ah battery boost, 90 l diesel tank, spare wheel.

Technical file

  • L x W x H: 5.41 x 2.05 x 2.59 cm
  • Carrier: Citroën 2.2 l / 120 hp
  • GVW / CU: 3,300 / NC
  • CG seats: 4
  • Main standard equipment: double airbag, cruise control and speed limiter, ABS, heated electric mirrors, ESP, central locking, 90 l compression fridge, Truma C4 heating / hot water.

3. Rimor Hera 54: from € 44,300

The choice of the Renault Master offers this small van a motorization
powerful and equipped with safety, comfort and assistance equipment
to the conduct already specified. If the light interior decoration is
nice, the level of finishes betrays despite the abundant LED lighting
the economic vocation of this model that adopts a classic plan.
Which doesn’t stop him from being penalized for a bath

Technical file

  • L x W x H: 5.54 x 2.05 x 2.59 cm
  • Rigid: Renault Master 2.3 l / 145 hp
  • GVW / CU: 3,300 / 515 kg
  • CG seats: 4
  • Main standard equipment: ABS manual air conditioning, driver and passenger airbag, cruise control, USB / MP radio, 80 l refrigerator, heating / hot water combined with fuel.

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4. Joa Camp 54 G: from € 44,900

The new economic brand of the Pilote group is aimed at a clientele of
First-time buyers will probably be satisfied with a simple offer for everyone
levels. The plan of the Joa Camp 54 is classic, the team of
correct base and sometimes perfectible treatment (shower tray).
In terms of decoration, the interior combines dirty white, light wood tones and surfaces
gray. We also notice some small touches of color,
especially the kitchen panel to make you young …

Technical file

  • L x W x H: 5.41 x 2.05 x 2.58 m
  • Carrier: Ciroën 2.2 l / 120 CV
  • GVW / CU: 3,300 / 663 kg
  • CG / Night / Food seats: 4/2/4
  • Construction: original steel body
  • Sleeping: 133 x 195 cm rear transverse bed
  • Main standard equipment: ABS, driver’s airbag, fridge 89 l, combined heating / hot water Truma Combi 4 Fresh water / wastewater: 100/100 l

5. Mc Louis Menfys Van 1: from € 44,990

This 5.41 m van is offered by McLouis in different range levels, with variable equipment (Plus, S-Line, S-Line Prestige, Matic). But here is the standard version that interests us, the only one that remains below € 45,000. For this price, there is a 120 hp Fiat Ducato. The layout is classic, for a 5.41 m long van, with a permanent rear bed and a modular bathroom. Standard equipment includes a painted bumper, air conditioning in the passenger compartment, cruise control and a 70-liter refrigerator and Truma C4 heater. On the other hand, you will have to resort to the options of daytime running lights, the electric step and the mosquito net for the door, the TV stand and the windscreen shutter.

Technical file

  • L x W x H: 5.41 x 2.05 x 2.65 m
  • Rigid: Fiat Ducato 2.2 l / 120 hp
  • GVW / CU: 3,300 / 635 kg
  • CG / Night / Food seats: 4/2/4
  • Construction: original steel body
  • Sleeping: 133 x 190 cm rear transverse bed
  • Main standard equipment: cabin air conditioning, driver and passenger airbags, 70 l refrigerator, Truma Combi 4 heating / hot water combination, fresh water / wastewater: 90/90 l

And for a little more

It would be unfair not to mention the brands that also offer cheap vans, but just over € 45,000.

  • Westfalia Amundsen 540 D
  • Carado CV 540
  • Burstner Campeo CV 540
  • Sunlight Cliff CV 540
  • Summit Pössl 540
  • Laika Cosmo 5.4
  • Challenger Start Edition 114
  • First line liner V594
  • Globecar Summit 540
  • Dreamer D 42

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