Internet outages in Paris, Lyon or Lille for cut cables

INTERNET – Is your internet no longer working or have you noticed from Tuesday night to Wednesday or this Wednesday morning slowdowns or problems connecting to your Free, Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange boxes? Like many French people, you may be affected by breakdowns related to fiber optic cable cuts that affect several major cities in France from Paris, Lyon to Lille, Grenoble, Besançon, Reims and Strasbourg.

The Ministry of Economy confirmed to AFP that it had been informed of the problem of “cut pipes” that could correspond to acts of vandalism. “Affected users can use 112 from a mobile phone to access emergency services,” said Cédric O., Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications.

More than 9,000 errors have been identified

The site ADSL Zone has identified 9,156 fixed network failures in France in the last 24 hours, mainly disrupting the customers of the operator Free and to a lesser extent SFR. The hard-hit Free operator reported on Twitter “multiple malicious acts” about the fiber infrastructure that occurred overnight and are now “limited.”

“As if the highways were cut off”

“The attacks took place tonight at 4:00 am Since this morning, the teams have mobilized,” the operator told AFP, hoping that the network would be “restored during the day”. Operator SFR, also concerned, confirmed “several fiber cuts” in the vicinity of Lyon and Ile-de-France, the origin of which is “unknown”. “Teams are on deck” and “work is underway,” the company continued.

On the other hand, its competitor Bouygues Telecom “does not use the links affected by these breakdowns and mobile and fixed services are provided normally,” the group told AFP.

“This type of incident of this magnitude never happens,” a source familiar with the matter told AFP. “It’s the first time, and we don’t know who it is, at the moment,” he continued, noting that control devices had been put in place to prevent this from happening elsewhere. . “Three of Free’s four arteries, which form the backbone of his network, have been vandalized,” other sources said.

The facts have been identified, for the time being, at the level of three connections: Paris-Lille, Paris-Strasbourg, and also Paris-Lyon, between 3.20 and 5.40 pm from 26 to 27 April. according to information from the news site Numerama and BFMTV. Long distance networks that may still be of interest to people.

The Down Detector site, which centralizes Internet user reports, shows a high concentration of returns to these cities, but also to Marseille and Grenoble. On Twitter, several customers of the operator in Grenoble and Strasbourg complained about not having more speed on the Internet through their Freebox after a cut that occurred during the night.

In Strasbourg, the provider of “cloud” services (dematerialized computing), Agora Calycé, also announced on Twitter at 7.25 am that “it is currently suffering from a national multi-operator incident” affecting “fiber-connected” customers.

The backbone of an Internet network, the “backbone” is used to interconnect Internet traffic between different geographic areas using high-speed fiber. “It’s a kind of fiber ‘hub,'” says one industry industrialist. “When you cut this, you cut access to an entire region.”

“It’s a bit like the highways are cut off and traffic has to be redirected to the national highways,” said Sami Slim, CEO of Telehouse, one of the Internet traffic hubs in France. By building new “roads” to avoid disruptions, “it works, there may be small cuts here and there, but the Internet works,” he added.

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