The unlikely success of cars without a license

More and more cars without a license are being sold in France but also in Europe. Let’s explain why these little cars are so popular.

Gone are the days when you could drive a car without a license instill a sense of shame. For a few years, these little cars take your revenge compared to both wheels and even compared to certain mini-wheels. In five years, unlicensed car sales they have doubled in Europe. 42,000 models were sold on the market last year more than half in France. Growth that is not about to stop, especially with the arrival of new electric models.

Young people love it

These little cars are especially popular with young people. If this market is aimed primarily at very young drivers looking for mobility, young people have often shunned these cars with their sometimes disappointing appearance. But that was before. Because in recent years, the madness of cars without a license is real. College and high school students love it. This success is explained in the first place by the security argument. Parents are more likely to pay for these four-wheelers for their children instead of one two wheels that represents more risks. An important argument for manufacturers, who have consistently done soimprove security features in unlicensed cars.

The average age of the drivers of these small cars is getting younger. Let’s think about it 60% of sales in Europe are made in the 14-35 age group. As a reminder, cars without a license are allowed for people with 14 years with the Permission AM in your pocket. An easy-to-get permit, which allows many high school and high school students to get to class easily, and by car!

It should also be noted that carless cars are still very popular with older people looking for an easy-to-use means of mobility.

A redesigned look

Not only safety plays an important role in the success of these small cars. Style also plays an important role. And at this point, manufacturers have made many changes to the first unlicensed cars. Gone are the days when these cars looked like unencumbered plastic cubes of questionable reliability. From now on, design occupies a dominant place in the design of these small models. Certainly, in the example of the Citroën Ami, the French manufacturer offers a fairly basic and square model. But the lines have been worked out equally to present a young and dynamic model.

Same philosophy for manufacturers Ligier and Aixam, which offer both models with several possible customizations. Color choice, multimedia equipment, sports finish, everything is good to attract more and more customers. If equipment is sometimes very expensive as an option, these little over-equipped cars are becoming more versatile.

An increasingly versatile use

The car without a license was the first designed to evolve in the city. It is also in urban areas where most sales are made in France. With the threat of new restrictions traffic in city centers, more and more homeowners are turning to these small models. In fact, with the advent of the next ZFE, the car without a driver’s license it becomes a real solution to move. Especially with the limits now set at 30 km / h in cities. Although many models are still equipped with a heat engine, the manufacturers now they all switch to electricity. But it’s not just in the city that the unlicensed car is popular.

There are more and more drivers of these vehicles peri-urban or rural area. As we have said, security is an important argument for moving. These cars are mostly increasingly versatile. Its range has been revised upwards for most models, as well as comfort on board. Without a doubt, going on vacation can seem ambitious. But young customers no longer hesitate to use their car for purposes other than day-to-day travel, such as a weekend by the sea or a field trip.

Competitive prices but increasingly expensive

If the car without a license is becoming more popular, with state-of-the-art equipment, the price of these cars is also rising. Some models are even sometimes so more expensive than a classic car. For the Citroën Ami, prices start at € 7,390 and reach € 8,750 for the best equipped model, the version My friend Vibe. To the French manufacturer Ligier, the price of its fully equipped model JS60 reaches € 17,099 (except options). The same goes for Aixam which offers its Crossover with a price of € 18,799 (except options). Sometimes the prices are too expensive for young customers or for families who prefer to invest in a classic car. While these prices may seem very high, they are also explained by the semiconductor crisis and the difficulty manufacturers have in finding parts on the market.

The car without a license is still popular. Convenient to the city, is the one that best responds to the problem of travel in urban areas. With increasingly elaborate designs, the unlicensed car is the thing of the future. Unless your price continues to rise. Unless the manufacturers have new ideas to make these cars more and more attractive.

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