The new Turkish aggression will not bend the Kurds



Published on 26/04/2022 by PCF

As V. Putin’s Russia multiplies war crimes in Ukraine, its alter ego, RT Erdogan, in the shadow of global excitement and media silence, has just launched another bloody offensive against the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers (PKK). A few months before a dangerous vote for the tyrant Ankara, which plunged his country into crisis, everything is done to aggravate nationalist sentiments against the Kurdish people.

In Iraqi territory, air and artillery shelling is on the rise, hitting many villages, while Turkish occupation troops have landed. The Baghdad government has denounced the violation of its sovereignty and the threat to its security, especially because the collusion between Turkey and jihadist formations remains active.

Evidently, this operation is being carried out in consultation with the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan, the same people who fled before the advance of the Islamic State, abandoning the Yazidis in a new attempt at genocide. The Masrour Barzani and Talabani clans, who still present themselves as liberators, have stolen the hopes of emancipation from their people. They have established a system of corruption and arbitrary patronage in order to establish predatory control over resources and the economy. Faced with the scale of inequalities, one strip of youth has no alternative but emigration, while the other side now stands up against these dynasties that trigger repression against them. They fear above all their overthrow, seeking to perpetuate their rule in an alliance with Ankara. This deadly election arouses the anger of millions of Kurds linked to their unity and peace.

In parallel with this offensive in Iraq, Turkey, with the tacit support of Moscow, intensifies its bombing of Rojava (Syria), directing these days to the symbolic city of Kôbane. They intend to break with the democratic and progressive experience that is unfolding there, allowing all minorities to coexist.

Repression in Turkey is also in full swing against the Kurds and all democratic forces. The arrests of activists, journalists, lawyers, mayors and parliamentarians are intensifying in the run-up to the 2023 elections. Arrested in 2016, he faces decades in prison when the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) demanded his release. Nûdem Durak is another face against which authoritarian violence blows. The Kurdish singer, jailed and sentenced to nineteen years in prison, pays for her artistic commitment in the Kurdish language. The France-Kurdistan Association has launched a national campaign for its release, which we call for expansion.

These new military operations, which increase regional destabilization, are, however, doomed to failure because there is no military solution to this conflict. Neither the bombings, nor the repression, nor the imprisonment of elected officials and activists, nor the torture, nor the violations of universal suffrage, nor the will to ban the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) have ever made the Kurds and the forces democratic. of Turkey or Rojava.

Still banned from the nations a few months ago, RT Erdogan gladly presents himself as the new NATO model, as a mediator in the Ukraine crisis led by his ad hoc partner, V. Putin. If no one is fooled by his cynicism, however, neither France, nor the United States, nor the countries of the European Union have issued the slightest condemnation or repudiated this libertarian and belligerent regime. However, the Kurds suffer the same barbarism and the same crimes as the Ukrainian people. This “double measure” is seen as an immense injustice, while a few months ago Kurdish fighters were praised for their courage in the face of Daesh’s obscurantist forces.

Communists condemn the aggression and call on the governments of France and the European Union to punish the regime of RT Erdogan and stop consolidating the feudal clans of the Kurdistan regional government.

Pascal Torre
deputy head of the international sector of the PCF
by the Maghreb and the Middle East

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