Security extensions for Internet Explorer

The world of browsers has evolved a lot lately and this is a good sign for web users, whatever their favorite browser software. The latter can probably be further enhanced by adding some extensions to enhance your security.

Browsers overview

Google Chrome continues to monopolize attention with its fast-paced development. Frequent and automatic updates, as well as its clean interface, make it a serious competitor. Today, more widely used than Safari, Opera, and other browsers, Chrome does not have as many extensions as Mozilla Firefox.

The latter should be released in version 4 soon. It will propose a solution to fix the tab overload and introduce the synchronization of personal data. This will allow you to find your Firefox preferences on any computer.

Although not as widespread as it was 8 or 10 years ago, Internet Explorer is still used by 60% of Internet users. For many people, the little blue “e” is the only way they know how to access the web. Internet Explorer 9 is also announced with such significant changes as during the transition from IE6 to IE7.

Extensions that improve the security of Internet Explorer

If you’re using Internet Explorer, the most important thing you can do for your Internet security is to upgrade your browser to version 8. If Windows is set to get updates automatically, you’re probably already using the latest version. To check, click the “Help” menu or the small cone that represents a wheel, then “About Internet Explorer.” (If you don’t see the menu, use the ALT key to open it).

Extensions are also a great way to add some security to Internet Explorer, WOT (Web Of Trust) being one of them. The service brings together many participants from around the world who manually evaluate the security and reliability of websites. Notes use color coding (green, yellow, red) and are visible in search results.
WOT extension for IE

When installing WOT, there are three options for viewing all ratings, only bad ratings, or switching to “parental control” mode. The latter will filter out websites that are considered adult-only. Finally, one last option allows you to change the color code to a numeric notation for people who have trouble differentiating them.
WOT installation

Please note that there are two alternative site evaluation solutions: McAfee SiteAdvisor and Finjan SecureBrowsing. Both are compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox, but WOT also supports Safari and Opera.

Protect yourself from keyloggers or “keyloggers”

Some malicious programs will record all keystrokes without your knowledge in an attempt to retrieve your login credentials, passwords, credit or account card numbers, and any other sensitive information. KeyScrambler Personal in the free version will encrypt your data as it passes from the keyboard to the browser to prevent the action of keyloggers. The Pro version of KeyScrambler works with more than 100 applications, the Premium version with more than 150 including Microsoft Office, are offered at $ 30 and $ 45 respectively.

Delete cookies and data

One of the important new security features in Internet Explorer 8 is the ability to switch to private browsing mode and clear cookies, temporary Internet files, and history with a single click. Unfortunately, while deleting cookies en masse can be helpful, it is sometimes interesting to have the ability to manage them more finely.

The No More Cookies app sets a list of cookies collected on your system, including those created by Flash, and allows you to delete or approve them individually. All that’s left is an option to automatically delete all unapproved cookies when the browser is closed.
No more extension cookies for IE

No More Cookies integrates with Internet Explorer in the command bar and in the “Tools” submenu. Although the program does not offer very advanced options, it does offer much better control than Internet Explorer normally allows.

Download WOT
Download KeyScrambler
Download No More Cookies
Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta
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